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Reply #8: Cuba a "terrorist" country? The U.S. is harboring the admitted bomber of a Cubana airliner! [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-25-10 10:01 AM
Response to Original message
8. Cuba a "terrorist" country? The U.S. is harboring the admitted bomber of a Cubana airliner!
Which is the "terrorist" country--the one who refuses to extradite the CIA-funded terrorist who bombed a commercial airliner killing its 73 passengers and who is also accused of the bombings of Cuban hotels and many other terrorist atrocities, the one that is right now funding military and paramilitary death squads in Colombia and Honduras, the one whose only "friends" in Latin America are fascist narcothugs and far rightwingers, the one with a history of training murderers and torturers at the "School of the Americas" who have slain tens of thousands of innocent people in Latin America, the one that slaughtered a hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq in the first weeks of bombing alone, to steal their oil, the one with torture dungeons around the world, the one with a thousand military bases around the world, the one whose corporations, war profiteers and IMF/World Bank loan sharks bleed and exploit and impoverish "third world" countries wherever they can get their talons on the government in Latin America and throughout the world...or the one that has done no harm to anybody? Cuba!

U.S. hypocrisy is mind-boggling. And the corpo-fascist 'news' monopolies' failure to examine this hypocrisy, and continued promulgation of the U.S. government's mind-boggling lies about Cuba is disgusting.

And, frankly, I think Cuba would be justified in instituting the most stringent anti-terrorist screening of U.S. visitors to Cuba. There are, without doubt, CIA/Miama mafia operatives among the visitors, intent on destabilization and worse. A USAID operative was recently caught in Cuba distributing U.S. taxpayer funded communications technology and other aid to rightwing groups, just as the USAID does in other Latin American countries--including multi-millions to the rightwing coup supporters in Honduras, to fascist rioters in Venezuela, to white separatist murderers in Bolivia, and God knows what else. As the most hated target of U.S. corpo-fascists, Cuba had better beware of this influx of U.S. visitors. I can't imagine that they aren't screening and surveilling U.S. visitors. The Cuban government has kept Cuba safe from U.S. invasion, destabilization, political assassinations and imposition of a U.S. puppet government all this time. They surely know what the dangers are. I just want to point out how absurd it is that the mass murdering, torturing, militaristic U.S. government has the nerve to mouth this hypocritical rot about Cuba's passenger screening, when all the danger goes the other way.


Wiki's article on Luis Posada Carriles is eye-opening...
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