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Reply #5: Flamingdem: Machetera heard from "Penultimos Dias" in English Please See Her Response [View All]

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magbana Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-11-09 08:16 AM
Response to Reply #4
5. Flamingdem: Machetera heard from "Penultimos Dias" in English Please See Her Response
"Yoani the Pentagon babes homies write in
May 9, 2009 2 Comments

n120245Machetera found something odd in her inbox this morning. A comment and not just the unintelligible garbage that Machetera receives with depressing regularity, but something that appears to have been somewhat carefully drafted despite the whopper of an error in the first sentence. Rosa Miriam Elizaldes article on cyber-dissidents apparently struck a nerve.

Instead of approving this in the comments section, Machetera will make it into a post of its own lucky you, Ernesto Hernndez Busto not everybody gets this treatment. Of course she reserves the right to answer the craziness as we go along.

Ernesto writes from Spain and has his own blog which you can google yourself if youre really interested. Its nothing so fancy as Yoanis of course, but maybe if he actually moves to Cuba and starts publishing from there, he too can get in on the Pentagon gravy train and scam an upgrade.

Here it is:

EHB: You should how the other side:

Machetera: Please dont text while driving.

EHB: The new media mission in which Rosa Miriam Elizalde has reappeared in the Cuban electronic media has to do with blogs and the internet. The point is to prove, through any means possible (although preferably without citing the newspaper Granma), that the increasingly numerous blogs and websites where many Cubans have dared to freely post their opinions are a part of a cyber-campaign designed by shadowy American institutions.

To do this, Rosa Miriam offers as overwhelming evidence the fact that the domain of the group Porno Para Ricardo was purchased through GoDaddy, one of the web sites supposedly sponsored by the Pentagon. (As have millions of other domains because, as everyone except Rosa Miriam knows, the registration fees from GoDaddy have no competition: its the cheapest, most anonymous and most secure way to buy a domain.)

Machetera: Lets be clearthe quotes around overwhelming are EHBs. This point was one among many in Rosa Miriam Elizaldes article. GoDaddy has plenty of competition and describing it as the cheapest, most anonymous and most secure way to buy a domain does nothing but make EHB sound like he has shares in the company. I can think of quite a few more secure ways to buy a domain, and you dont have to pay GoDaddys Private Domain Registration fee (what a ripoff) to hide your info either. But this is beside the point and EHB knows it.

The larger point is that both the USG and Porno para Ricardo chose the same registrar, and the owner of the company processing the registration is someone who is likely not to yank the domain as long as the content is in line with USG foreign policy goals. Unlike what happened with Steve Marshall and his Cuba tourism sites. GoDaddy wasnt his registrar but it surely would have yanked his domains just as quickly, despite having the resources to defend them on principle.

EHB: The latest exercise of Rosa Miriam, however, is too blatant for anyone familiar with the Internet and her alleged revelations are laughable to anyone who is somewhat aware of whats happening in the Cuban blogosphere. The whole world knows that Charlie Bravo is the webmaster of the PPR site (unofficial);

Machetera: Okay, wait a second, the whole world doesnt know that Charlie Bravo is the webmaster of the PPR site, sweetheart. Because I imagine you would have to actually care about the PPR site or their shitty music to have that particular piece of data on hand. But thanks for enlightening us anyway.

EHB: that it would be absurd (and impossible) that these independent blogs and websites on Cuban themes be housed on servers on the island;

Machetera: Yes, it would be absurd, wouldnt it, considering that I have more internet bandwidth coming into my house than most Cuban connections put together. Go on

EHB: that the registration of .cu domains is only authorized for official Cuban government sites (I myself have not been able to register one, nor have the managers of Bloggers Cuba);

Machetera: This is nutty. What if I were to tell you that I cant register Or Waaahhhhh. Those damn Spaniards! Damn Danes! Of course I cant, neither can anyone else. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governs how suffixes (technically known as top level domains) will be sold and, get this each country gets to decide how they want to use the TLDs assigned to them. What a novel concept. Its kind of like countries have sovereignty over their little tiny piece of the Internet pie. Imagine. Sovereignty in this day and age.

I know its hard for EHB to swallow the idea that Cuba is not going to sell TLDs to people who want to use them to spread anti-Cuban propaganda (as if we dont already have more than enough of that) but hes just going to have to live with it, and hes also going to have to live with Rosa Miriam Elizaldes perfectly accurate point, which is that as long as these anti-Cuban sites are registered and maintained outside the island, their Cuban-ness is completely questionable.

EHB: that in regards to the internet its absurd to resort to the nationalistic territorialization;

Machetera: Not reallysee above.

EHB: and that what Elizalde pompously calls the sophisticated management tools and services on this website with a payment gateway or electronic gateway for sending money by credit card, is something anyone can do anywhere via PayPal in 15 minutes if it doesnt contravene the embargo regulations.

Machetera: Hey, thanks for adding that qualifier if it doesnt contravene the embargo regulations. You can kind of drive a truck through that, cant you? By the way, its a blockade, not an embargo, eejit.

EHB: In the case of Yoani they dont know what to make up.

Machetera: You dont have to make anything up in Yoanis case because the truth is so delicious all on its own.

EHB: Now they catch her with poor Josef, an old friend of Yoanis who has selflessly taken on the server for DesdeCuba for years.

Machetera: Man, Ill say thats selfless. And not a word of public thanks all this time from Yoani either. Is the girl self-centered or what?

EHB: Of course the servers not in Cuba because if it had been Generation Y wouldnt have lasted two seconds.

Machetera: Why? Because its like totally 100% negative and anti-Cuban without any positive view whatsoever, and is being used as a tool to spread lies and manufacture dissent? Or because any server housed in Cuba would have a hard time functioning on bandwidth doled out by the kilobyte?

EHB: (By the way, if you take the time to check out the site used by this journalist, youll discover that the server for Granma and other official Cuban press sites isnt located in Cuba either; Cubadebate, for example, appears to be housed in Japan, which is more or less the same distance as they are from Cuban reality.)

Machetera: And thank god for that, because otherwise we couldnt see their content at all, due to the bandwidth problem explained above.

EHB: When Rosa Miriam says that the technical support for this site, which serves her blog almost exclusively, is the kind of custom-designed tool which in todays market costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars, one has to laugh. A blog available from WordPress for free and a server thats not even dedicated are elevated by this specialist to something only a millionaire could afford, as she takes advantage of the widespread ignorance among Cubans about these things.

Machetera: Hold on. You know very well that Yoanis blog is not a free WordPress blog. Its something beyond that, with its own domain name, its custom design, not to mention a server capable of handling the few thousand echo chamber comments (do ex-Cubans have an extraordinary amount of free time to waste?) that pop up every time Yoani publishes a scrap of anything.

EHB: To them, the success of Generation Y must be the result of a Major Leagueadvertising strategy. With limited references to the way they themselves carry out ideological work and massive propaganda, the blog phenomenon is an alien world to them, a godson of sordid conspiracies and suspect financing.

Machetera: Waitheres a question. Speaking of ideological work and massive propaganda which of the following countries has a multi-billion dollar funded program overseen by a spy agency to hack into computers and servers for the purpose of disabling them, and also is known to have hired people in foreign countries to create Internet propaganda?

a. the United States of America

b. Cuba

EHB: Yoanis other sin is to use Twitter and other variants of Web 2.0 that are barely used in Cuba. The fact that anyone can freely send a message of up to 140 characters is a possibility that terrifies them.

Machetera: Whats Yoani been up to lately? Oh yeah, she tried to get a cacerolazo going on May 1st, didnt she? (The Argentineans must have loved that.) Now its not her fault it sounded like a 2 person conga you gotta admit that Cubans, even anorexic pasty white ones like Yoani have some sense of rhythm. But Yoanis not using Twitter to invite her friends to come have a beer with her after work (oh wait, Yoani doesnt actually work). Shes got an ax to grind, and shes getting tired of grinding it all by herself. I wouldnt say that Cuba is terrified of the possibility, judging by recent results, but theyre probably getting tired of the annoyance.

EHB: Maybe the person at Copextel who had to prepare the report about the liberalization of cellular telephones didnt tell them about that. Their excuse for banning Web 2.0 and any other form of direct participation worked until a few days ago: now the ever present blockade doesnt affect telecommunications.

Machetera: Yeah, Im sure Etecsa never heard of texting. That would explain why it costs so much less to text than talk and most Cubans with cellphones use them that way. How long did you say it had been since you were in Cuba? And glad you finally recognized its a blockade, even if you couldnt do it without throwing quotes around it. By the way, the undersea cable isnt actually switched on yet.

EHB: Then they throw the blame on the CIA, distorting the majority demand to open up the Internet on the island.

Machetera: I dont even know where to go with this. Its too stupid.

EHB: Along the way, Rosa Miriam gets sidetracked and becomes increasingly predictable: she copies M. H. Lagarde Jr. in the extreme distortion of the apparent content of a post where Yoani referred to the rancor and thirst for revenge that Castro-ism has incubated in Cubans for decades.

Machetera: I have no idea who the hell M.H. Lagarde Jr. is like I said, you ex-Cubans have a lot more time to screw around on the Internet than the rest of us, but I dont know how you read Yoanis post about Cubans just waiting for the opportunity to pull out their long knives and kill each other in order to make up for past slights as anything other than bloodthirstiness. For the historically inclined, The Night of the Long Knives is generally a reference to the Nazi score-settling which killed hundreds of people in the mid-summer of 1934. But Yoani couldnt have been thinking of that. Or could she?

Rosa Miriam Elizalde is quite right to point out that this is probably not the stuff Yoanis handlers had in mind, and she ought to be careful about destroying her carefully prepared image. She might actually end up having to work for a living.

EHB: As a culmination of her extensive diatribe, Rosa Miriam takes care to point out that the work of the blogger is a little less than useless, since obviously she has no readers in Cuba, a refrain that is repeated in several sites and which can be easily disproved. Yoani and her blog (even with access blocked to Cuban cybernauts) hasand every day will have morereaders in Cuba.

Machetera: I think weve been down this road before. Yoani whines that her blog is blocked in Cuba. Some people in Cuba with internet access say that it is, other people in Cuba with internet access say that it isnt. I really couldnt be less interested either way. When Im in Cuba, Im fighting just to read my email, just like the average Cubans I live with. It really wouldnt occur to me to waste my time or money looking up a crappy anti-Cuban blog put together with foreign aid. Maybe more Cubans will start reading Yoanis blog if they have full Internet access after Venezuela switches on the undersea cable next year. But if full Internet access were free and ubiquitous in Cuba, Im betting that a tiny fraction would be interested in reading Yoanis constant bitching. The rest of the malcontents will go for the porn.

EHB: Many more than Rosa Miriam has, notwithstanding that she uses every official means to discredit Yoani and present her as an instrument of the American government or of Spains PRISA group, or any of these tired fables.

Machetera: Oh man, youre not going to turn this into a catfight now, are you? Comparing Rosa Miriam Elizalde and Yoani Snchez? Please. The former works hard, the latter snipes, while freeloading on the Cuban government she so despises, to raise her no doubt bothersome children. If readership numbers are that meaningful to you, Paris Hilton probably has more readers than either Yoani or Rosa Miriam Elizalde combined. That doesnt really mean much unless you see peoples readership choices as an indicator of the decline of Western civilization.

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Yoani Snchez: Pentagon babe
May 8, 2009 9 Comments

xsRosa Miriam Elizalde has finally pointed out what never occurs to Time magazine or Grupo Prisa. Or maybe it has occurred to them they just cant bring themselves to admit it. That blog by the blocked Cuban blogger/whiner aint no ordinary blog. Lots o cash behind it.

There are other translations of this floating around on the Internet. Just not as good.

Cyber-command and Cyber-dissidents, More of the Same

Rosa Miriam Elizalde

English Translation: Machetera

Havana The news has gone around the world. The Obama administration is putting the final touches on a new cyberspace army. First the Wall Street Journal and then the New York Times reported that the objective of this cyber-command is to guarantee the security of U.S. military computer networks threatened by the intrusion of hackers, particularly those linked to countries such as China and Russia.

Victims are being offered a single pill in which to swallow the fantasy of an external enemy and the details of the homicidal weapon used to kill it (a cyber-command that will keep watch over the planet and eventually enter into action). As Tom Burghardt, of Global Research <1> put it, the United States is using the subterfuge of cyber-security as a pretext for cyber-war, a project forged by the North American hawks before September 11, 2001 and one that began to come together in 2003, when a secret document <2> signed by Donald Rumsfeld, the ex-Secretary of Defense, was leaked, in which the order was given to create this special Command. Keep reading →

→ 9 CommentsCategories: A "free" press? It would be a good idea! Cuba
Tagged: black propaganda, blocked cuban blogger, cyberspace command, fake blogs, fake websites, internet access in cuba, josef biechele, salam pax
Chasing the tail of U.S. Cuba policy
May 1, 2009 No Comments

pescadillaWashingtons impossible equation

When the late Phil Agee described his job application process with the CIA in the late 1950s, he talked about undergoing repeated lie detector tests where he deliberately lied about various things, just for the hell of it. He resented being judged by a machine and wanted to see if he could beat it. At first it seemed that he failed. The tests were repeated. Again, an unhappy result. He was sent home. Just as he was feeling most desperate, sure he would never be hired and on the verge of admitting what he had done and begging forgiveness, he was suddenly approved. There are only two ways of viewing such a process. Either the CIAs application process is inept, or it deliberately recruits liars. Keep reading →

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Tagged: raul castro, fidel castro, cuban five, blockade of Cuba, gerardo hernandez, brian latell, phil agee, ex-cia, lie detectors, washington as cesspool, corporate press, stovepiping, csis, circular reasoning
Leonard Weinglasss questions for Hillary Clinton
April 26, 2009 5 Comments

21mccain-533A story filed by Associated Press journalist Anita Snow last Tuesday, April 21, included the following sentences: Obama could suffer serious political fallout if he agreed to swap the so-called Cuban Five communist agents who were convicted of espionage in Miami in 2001. The ringleader was implicated in the death of four exiles killed when Cuban military fighters shot their planes down off the islands coast in 1996.

In a reflection published soon afterwards, Fidel wrote, Isnt thatan indirect threat to the president of the United States?

Indeed it is a curious comment, detached from any person interviewed in the story, and therefore presumably Snows original creation. Nevertheless, the fallout Obama might expect to encounter through such a swap would likely rest with the minority of Cuban exiles in Miami who never voted for him in the first place. He won Florida without, or despite, them, and most U.S. citizens outside of Miami have little memory of the February 24, 1996 shootdown and less still of the Miami trial of five Cubans, five years later, where the U.S. Government, the families of the downed pilots and Cuban exiles with a long history of terrorist action against Cuba joined in a simmering fury in search of a victim.

Ultimately they found five victims, but their rage was focused on one in particular: the one Snow pejoratively calls the ringleader, Gerardo Hernandez. Keep reading →

→ 5 CommentsCategories: A "free" press? It would be a good idea! Cuba
Tagged: brothers to the rescue, cuban five, gerardo hernandez, hermanos al rescate, icao, shootdown, supreme court, terrorism against Cuba
Cubas Rubicon
April 24, 2009 2 Comments

CUBA-ARMY-REHEARSALWeve said to the North American government, both privately and publicly, that were readyto discuss everything: human rights, freedom of the press, political prisoners, everythingbut on equal terms. Ral Castro

Speech by Cubas President at the Fifth ALBA Summit in Cuman, Venezuela, April 16, 2009

English translation by Machetera, revised by Manuel Talens

Ral Castro (to Hugo Chvez): Remember that you need to give me the floor to thank everyone, especially those whove spoken and Im not going to exclude Daniel, because hell also speak as well, just as hes done throughout his entire life as a revolutionary in the name of the Cuban people, all the expressions of solidarity and support for our Revolution, to our people, and I believe, therefore, also the Leader of the Revolution, comrade Fidel Castro, whos listening to us directly.

Im not going to go on, Ill speak on the other points. I have to speak according to what they tell me at the mass meeting in the Plaza, dont I? I still dont know how itll be. Are we going to speak there in the Plaza?

Hugo Chvez: Yes. Weve asked you to speak in everyones name.

Ral Castro: No, thats a huge responsibility. If anything, the main host.

Anyway, I think that what weve heard here this afternoon, that doesnt surprise us, the whole world knows it, except the United States, its main ally, Israel, and one country or another that occasionally abstains or has even voted against the United Nations General Assembly, is that the entire planet condemns the blockade.

I dont want to talk about the OAS, I already spoke in Saupe, at the Rio Summit, right? And furthermore, our friend Zelaya will meet with all the delegates at the end of May and the beginning of June; I dont want to answer what Mr. Insulza recently said, because Fidel already did it some hours ago.

We can talk about many other things besides the OAS. The OAS, it might be said, has oozed blood since its very creation; Cuba is one example, but before Cuba there were plenty more. Keep reading →

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Heelary Cleenton joo espeek espaneesh?
April 23, 2009 No Comments

MEXICO-US-CLINTONOn Wednesday, April 22, while Machetera was admiring new developments in pediatric dentistry (she herself was a victim of the dark ages of the trade), USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was appearing before Congress to discuss foreign policy. On Venezuela, she repeated the line that her boss tossed out at his limited press conference in Port of Spain that dangerous handshake between Chvez and Obama? You know that rascal Chvez, so good with the cameras!

On Cuba, she uttered something truly amazing, and the major media rushed to repeat and amplify it, like a hall of mirrors:

President s actions did draw a response from Ral Castro which was then contradicted today by Fidel Castro saying that my brother didnt really mean that we would talk about political prisoners and human rights so I think you could see theres beginning to be a debate, I mean, this is a regime that is ending.

Whoa Nellie. I mean Hillary. Thats some Spanish translation youve got going there. Check it again with your sister-in-law.

What did Ral actually say? Since nobody has produced an English transcript of Rals extemporaneous speech at the ALBA Summit, Machetera will oblige. Heres an excerpt: Keep reading →

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Tagged: cuban five, cuban mercenaries, hillary clinton, obama and chavez, raul and fidel
Patron saint of Cuban mercenaries and lazy journalists
April 22, 2009 2 Comments

AP journalist Anita Snow reports that according to Cuban dissident Elizardo Snchez (El Camajn) more than 200 Cubans serving time in Cuban prisons for taking money from the United States to overthrow the Cuban government, are nearly unanimous on the idea that they would rather stay in prison than be traded for the Cuban Five.elizardobotellawhisky

Now, Macheteras just a humble blogger, picking over the carcass of a story dragged back by a beat reporter, but still, she has a few nagging questions. First of all, it cant be pleasant talking to someone as slimy as Snchez, and Snow probably wanted to get off the phone as fast as possible, but Machetera wonders if it occurred to her to ask him how he came by his information? Did he take a poll? Snow mentions that Snchez talks to some of these people and their families every day, but its kind of a leap between talking to numerous prisoners and saying that most of the 200″ are unanimous on the idea of serving their entire sentence. Isnt it?

Second of all, its not Snchez doing the time, is it? Snchez is free to continue hanging out in public parks, trading info for whiskey. So maybe its easy for him to say?

And when would it be worth mentioning to readers that Snchez is a man notorious for playing both sides of the fence working Cuban security at the same time he worked Frank Calzon not because he cared about either, but because his main allegiance was to himself?

→ 2 CommentsCategories: A "free" press? It would be a good idea! Cuba
Tagged: cuban dissidents, cuban five, johnny walker
Waiting for Godot
April 15, 2009 2 Comments

Obamas Cuban Dilemma

mango1One of the most painful things about being a citizen of the United States of America over the past several decades has been living aboard a political ship that is constantly listing to the right even as it sinks. Just when you think it cant get worse, it does, and our foreign policy, which was never much good to begin with, grows ever more appallingly belligerent. This means that any course correction from aggressive belligerence, no matter how small, is greeted as remarkable change, even when it leaves you worse off than when you started. The mass media have a lot to do with it of course, framing the issues for a general public that is poorly educated and therefore ignorant by design. Keep reading →

→ 2 CommentsCategories: Cuba Venezuela
Tagged: blockade of Cuba, poisoned fruit, Port of Spain, soap making equipment, Summit of the Americas, telecom in Cuba, U.S. travel restrictions, undersea cable to Cuba
CANF to the back of the class!
April 9, 2009 No Comments

sj0016-medThe Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) has just written a term paper for Obama. Machetera gives it a D.

On the bright side, if CANF really has the inside track with the Obamans now (and they might, if Obamas terrible pandering speech to CANF in 2008 is any indication) it looks like one of Macheteras friends at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington will finally be able to realize his dream of shopping at Ikea before he leaves for Cuba later this year. (See CANFs suggested removal of the 25 mile travel restriction on Cuban diplomats in the U.S. in return for allowing USA diplomats free roaming for subversion in Cuba.) Keep reading →

→ No CommentsCategories: Cuba
Tagged: blockades as a weapon, canf, food as a weapon, radio marti, seeds as a weapon, tv marti
High noon at the socialist corral
April 4, 2009 No Comments

0018a516Governmental Reorganization in Cuba and the Solidarity Shootout

By ngeles Diez (and Eduardo Hernndez)

English translation by Ana Atienza, revised by Machetera

The ministerial reorganization in the Cuban government, Fidel Castros letter explaining the reasons for such changes, and the publication of self-inculpatory letters from two significant officials belonging to the political leadership of the country have triggered a blind shootout within the Cuba solidarity movement which should be analyzed in order to avoid what has come to be usual practice in the European left: permanent atomization around superficial issues and the rejection of reflection and debate.

In this article we have summarized the general opinions taken from multiple published articles and opinion pieces from different sectors: What had happened? What was behind those changes? Why was nothing reported? These questions were not made solely by groups close to the Revolution, but also by those clearly against it. Surprisingly enough, such confusion has placed all of us in the same space: the void which, as we all know, relentlessly tends to be filled with value judgments. And thats where weve engaged, some for the better, some for the worse.

Cuban institutions have not tackled this confusion, nor did they take the time to fill that void. But, should they have? The only certainty is that accomplished facts have been the only available explanation, thus leading to proliferation of the most surprising and contradictory hypotheses, thus resulting in a new fragmentation of solidarity. Keep reading →

→ No CommentsCategories: Cuba New World Old World Socialism
Tagged: battle of ideas, consensus building, Cuba solidarity, Cuba's special period, opinion
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