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Reply #26: I will agree - any state that is first will do anything to retain that position [View All]

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Response to Reply #23
26. I will agree - any state that is first will do anything to retain that position
Bill Gardner almost set his primary for December 11th 2007 just to stay first!

Carl Levin wants one thing only - that is to be first. Michigan SO messed up their early 'caucus' in 2004 (it was really a primary but they called it a caucus in order to move up in the process - the state party was so unprepared that they didn't have polling places in precincts...incidentally the problems occurred in 6 mainly african-american precincts and never did end up with a clear 'count' b/c of lack of ballots) that the DNC pretty much laughed when they applied to be one of the early states. Levin has a true hatred of New Hampshire (and only slightly less of a hatred of Iowa) going back decades.

Attempting to put my feelings for Iowa aside, I worry about 'regional' primaries b/c I think we'll still see the smaller states over-looked for the more voter-rich states in those regions. And then because larger populations cost more to run in (not only tv/radio time but office space, apartment rental, food and supplies) we'll see less retail politics and more of tarmac-to-tarmac and tv ad campaigns (even with public financing - costs will be high and personal contact with the voters will suffer - but at least every candidate will be equal in their endeavors).

I'd rather see a few small - contiguous states go first (allowing candidates to have a centralized campaign HQ and travel time between the states and media coverage will be overlapping which will save in costs too) and then one large state go with a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after, allowing for campaign time and recovery time. (As long as the small state delegate count isn't over-shadowed by the large state delegate count - or again the small states would be ignored and campaigns would only focus on the large state - ask Rudy Guiliani about that).

One other thought - and only a thought. I don't think Congress will every be allowed to govern the state parties in the primary process. Sure, a bill can be presented (and they have been several times) but unless their state is first or at least in the early running - what state party will support their representative/senator in that vote? Can anyone see the state parties of PA, IN, WI,SC, KA, KB, MT, WY, ND and SD supporting going last? Won't they press their congressional representatives to create a bill that has them going first? And as long as there are competing bills will there ever be resolution? I really see this as up to the DNC and the calendar commission. Which I think means - to affect change everyone should be finding out who is on their platform committee (or you get on your platform committee). Get a resolution passed that changes the calendar or instructs change to be made in the calendar. Then stick with either as a delegate or on the platform committee all the way to the state/national level and THEN elect DNC representatives and National Delegates who promise to follow through. Then the new Chair of the DNC and the new calendar commission of the DNC have a mission. To change the calendar. (Of course this is exactly what Carl Levin and Jennifer Gandholm did at the National Convention in 2004).
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