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Reply #79: That's Why I think wealth should be LIMITED [View All]

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-12-10 12:59 AM
Response to Original message
79. That's Why I think wealth should be LIMITED
Edited on Sun Dec-12-10 01:17 AM by undergroundpanther
NO ONE has a right to have incomprehensible wealth,in this world.It should be punishable by death to take that much wealth away from humanity.Why do we permit such theft if others are slaves,suffer in poverty and starve and are work to death?

If we TOOK it tall away from all these corrupted groups and individual thieves and stopped letting corporations,politicians,ceos religious scammers, banks and a few sociopath families steal from the world like they do and forever limited how much anyone can have .I can scarcely let myself imagine how much better life in this world could be without the bankers, the wealthy,ceos,corrupted rich, and corporations.
And these monsters demand more to prevent collapse of the dollar and a default by the US government, the American people are being told they must sacrifice to reduce the national debt and budget deficit. Thatsacrifice being demanded means we suffer impoverishment, unemployment, ruin of our social safety net,no health care, cuts and more cuts to social Security, reductions in Medicare, Medicaid,until it is gone.
The entire US capitalist economy rested on a huge Ponzi scheme that has exploited and financially abused most of the people in this world.

Life could be better for everyone with those trillions,instead of wasting it on just for a few selfish greedy criminal monsters.

Thinking about all of what we had stolen from us,how we are made to live and our dreams crushed along with so much more because of these evil monsters, and the fact some people will defend these monsters,even if they suffer and millions suffer too, it makes me so sad I want to die because these monsters will never have a guillotine blade sever their grotesque heads from their necks..and their families w3ill never pay the world back for the terrible things they have caused.

Imagine..The world living without hunger,without homelessness.Where everyone has the best health care, the time to travel,more time to live life,learn,more time to create,socialize,rest,raise their kids,and to heal,less stress,time to heal from abuse,to know one another, to self actualize,to clean up our world..a world that cannot waste money on war,voodoo economy scams or kings or tolerating families of greedy sociopaths.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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