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Reply #76: I don't know about capitalism per se, but I believe the US is about to go the way of the Soviet Unio [View All]

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Jack Rabbit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-04-10 05:46 PM
Response to Original message
76. I don't know about capitalism per se, but I believe the US is about to go the way of the Soviet Unio
I'm serious.

We very nearly didn't survive the Bush super-recession and we aren't anywhere near out of the woods yet. We needed much more reform than we got, thanks largely to GOP nihilism, to President Obama's failure to properly respond to their obstructionism, and to opposition from crooked Democrats who took corporate money and played ball they way they wanted it played.

So what we have is a House controlled by the very people who want to return to policies that failed disastrously from 2001 to 2008. Gridlock is the best we can expect of the situation, and gridlock is still something we cannot afford. As a nation, we will not survive that.

I admit to being part of the failure myself. I voted for Obama thinking he could drive through the reform that needed. Of course, it's a tall order to ask anyone to be FDR, but nothing less was demanded by the crisis. Unfortunately, Barack Obama was not up to the task.

Corporations may be artificial persons, but they are the real tyrants of our time. Look it up in Plato's Republic if you don't believe me. Plato said that a tyrant is one whose appetites rule him rather than he controlling his appetites, that the tyrant would respect nothing sacred, no code of honor and no relationship to friend or parent if any of that stood between him and the satisfaction of his appetites. Uncontrolled his appetites become insatiable. The corporation that plays dangerously and irresponsible in the market with other people's money and expects the taxpayers to fork it over when it gets in over its head fits this model to a T.

It is time to overthrow these tyrants. Large corporations must either be reined in or dismantled. If Declaration of Independence declares that the people have the right to alter or abolish a form of government that is destructive to the ends of life and liberty, then the people have as much right to dismantle too-powerful, self-serving economic entities as to behead a king who thinks he can rule like a god. Corporations, and more to the point the people who run them, shall be held accountable for the damage then have to the environment, to the economy and to the common people themselves.

To the useful fools of the corporatacracy, such as Dennis Prager, who said that equality is not an American value, I say that equality is the root principle of all that is American. To those fools who, like Rush Limbaugh, propose to disenfranchise poor citizens of their right to participate in the political system, I say that that no law passed by a state as unrepresentative of its people as you would make the America of your warped, twisted dreams is worthy of the respect you would expect of its subjects. Only a police state can maintain such an order, and we will have none of that. To those fools who assert that America is a mere republic and not a democracy, I say that is a deficiency that we will soon remedy.

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