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Reply #199: Remember .... T-baggers= KOCH BROS. freight train run out of a PR firm ...... [View All]

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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-01-10 09:29 PM
Response to Reply #126
199. Remember .... T-baggers= KOCH BROS. freight train run out of a PR firm ......
The right wing can only rise on political violence -- stolen elections -- and lies.

Everything the right wing does is FUNDED by them -- from think tanks to Christian

Coalition which was given start-up funding by the GOP!

Richard Scaife financed Dobson's group -- and other wealthy right wingers financed Bauer's org.

CIA, which has raised money from any right wing source, including KKK and John Birch Society,

funded right wing Congressmen -- two mentioned are Sen. Strom Thurmond and Rep. Gerald Ford.

This info started to come out after Wm. Buckley's death/CIA -- and prime host on PBS for years!

CIA money has also gone to Pat Buchanan and Jesse Helms. Presumably others, but these are the

names I'm aware of right now.

And there is so much more -- and probably so much more we don't know yet --

For instance, US/CIA created the Taliban/Al Qaeda via Pakistan and funded them right up to 9/11.

Brzezinski who served under Carter relates this story .... that we used the Taliban to BAIT the

Russians into Afghanistan .... "in hopes of giving them a Vietnam-type experience."

Actually, US went into Afghanistan 6 months before the Russians.

Do you recall Carter's remorse at the Russian "invasion" of Afghanistan?

We also seem to have had a lot to do with creating and printing those violent Islamic textbooks

we heard so much about on TV --

Here's the info on that ....

Right wing using religion as a tool of conquest is nothing new --

The US spent $100's of millions shooting down Soviet helicopters yet didn't spend a penny helping Afghanis rebuild their infrastructure and institutions.

They also spent millions producing jihad preaching, fundamentalist textbooks and shipping them off to Afghanistan. These were the same text books the Western media discussed in shocked tones and told their audiences were used by fundamentalist teachers to brainwash their charges and to inculcate in young Afghanis a jihad mindset, hatred of foreigners and non-Muslims etc.

Have you heard about the Afghan Jihad schoolbook scandal?

Or perhaps I should say, "Have you heard about the Afghan Jihad schoolbook scandal that's waiting to happen?"

Because it has been almost unreported in the Western media that the US government shipped, and continues to ship, millions of Islamist textbooks into Afghanistan.

Only one English-speaking newspaper we could find has investigated this issue: the Washington Post. The story appeared March 23rd.

Washington Post investigators report that during the past twenty years the US has spent millions of dollars producing fanatical schoolbooks, which were then distributed in Afghanistan.

"The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books..." -- Washington Post, 23 March 2002 (1)

According to the Post the U.S. is now "...wrestling with the unintended consequences of its successful strategy of stirring Islamic fervor to fight communism."

So the books made up the core curriculum in Afghan schools. And what were the unintended consequences? The Post reports that according to unnamed officials the schoolbooks "steeped a generation in violence."

How could this result have been unintended? Did they expect that giving fundamentalist schoolbooks to schoolchildren would make them moderate Muslims?

Nobody with normal intelligence could expect to distribute millions of violent Islamist schoolbooks without influencing school children towards violent Islamism. Therefore one would assume that the unnamed US officials who, we are told, are distressed at these "unintended consequences" must previously have been unaware of the Islamist content of the schoolbooks.

But surely someone was aware. The US government can't write, edit, print and ship millions of violent, Muslim fundamentalist primers into Afghanistan without high officials in the US government approving those primers. ...

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