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w8liftinglady Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-26-10 10:51 AM
Response to Original message
1. ah...and page two...the fine details
Your invitation is not complete.

Make your selection at bottom
of page to complete RSVP

Official Invitation

Join Governor Sarah Palin,
Newsmax, and Special Guests to
Please Scroll Down to Check Your Level of Membership to Complete RSVP

This special and exclusive online series will include appearances
by Governor Sarah Palin, Fox News analyst Dick Morris, President Reagans son and best-selling author Mike Reagan, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, and other top experts in politics, the economy,
and national security.

This special internet event begins
October 12 and will last through
the November elections!

You are cordially invited to join Governor Sarah Palin and Newsmax, plus an exciting lineup of the nations most respected and powerful voices.

Together we will discuss and debate the most important issues facing Americans today.

Weve named this campaign Make America Great Again. This is in honor of President Ronald Reagans immortal words from his 1980 pledge to restore:

The great, confident roar of American progress
and growth and optimism.

From Oct. 12 through Election Day on Nov. 2, Newsmax has arranged for a series of exclusive online interviews.

And as we speak, we are reaching out to the very folks you turn to when you want the real story on matters that affect your family, your country, and your freedoms.

Already, Dick Morris, the top political strategist and the man Time magazine referred to as the most influential private citizen in America, has agreed to participate in this important program.

Also scheduled to sit down with us is best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan Mike Reagan. Mike will have a new book on the New Reagan Revolution due out next year, but he will share his thoughts on how we can take back America now.

And Im especially proud to announce that, on Oct. 12, Governor Sarah Palin will kick off this unprecedented event when she joins Newsmax for an exclusive in-depth, online interview.

As you know, Governor Palin has been a passionate and much-needed voice in these times. She has helped organize a powerful grass-roots movement toward restoring sensibility, personal freedoms, and accountability in America.

In this exclusive series of interviews my ever-growing list of contributors will discuss:

The Upcoming Battle for the House and Senate Discover how you can impact the November elections and restore our country to its ideals of limited government, individual liberty, and a strong national defense. Working together, America can once again find its way back to our Founding Fathers path.
The Economic Bankruptcy of the United States We will discuss how the healthcare law, faulty financial reform, and the Democrats plans for aggressive taxation could threaten your wealth and well-being. Youll get the unfiltered truth on the current economic situation.
Securing Our Borders and Sovereignty Our borders arent secure. Lax immigration policies are straining our economy and causing crime rates to surge. And much of our debt is funded by countries like China. Find out how we should secure our borders and strengthen our financial independence.
The Not-So-Silent Majority The tea party movement is transforming America. Well talk with its leaders about how we should rebuild our nation and who should be guiding us while we do it. Plus: how folks like you can spread their important message.
The President's Agenda President Obama has introduced the most radical (and dangerous) healthcare overhaul in history. His stimulus bill and policies have shot our deficit past $13 trillion. Hes pushing to give amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens. And under his stewardship, Americas foreign policy is now dramatically off course. And we arent even half way through his term. Discover what President Obamas new agenda is and where his allegiances lie once a new Congress is elected in 2010. Plus: Why Iran must be stopped and how we can reaffirm our support for Americas ally, Israel.
Who Will Challenge Obama in 2012? Although the focus has been on the November 2010 elections, in reality, the 2012 presidential election is not far away. Find out who the top political experts believe will be running against Obama. And can they defeat him. Well also uncover President Obamas re-election strategy and discuss his low approval ratings that are causing him to possibly be challenged in a Democratic primary! Plus, well ask Sarah Palin about her future plans and her role in the resurgence of the Republican Party.
This is only a small selection of the topics that will be covered over this month-long, unprecedented Make America Great Again event.

And you can be there every step of the way.

As an important addition to this campaign, Newsmax has created a personalized website for you. Here you will have 24/7 access to exclusive articles, videos, and interviews starting on Oct. 12. You also will have local and national breaking news delivered to you on the stories that will impact the November elections, your family, and freedoms.

You can even add your voice to the discussion in Live Blogs and by leaving comments for your fellow attendees to debate.

You now have a choice of three membership levels for joining Newsmaxs Make America Great Again program.

Pick One to Complete Registration:

Option 1: Information Member FREE

Receive Brief Clips of the Exclusive Interviews With Governor Palin, Dick Morris, Mike Reagan, and the Entire Lineup of Important Guests These video clips will be provided after the original airing dates, but will contain some of the most important topics Governor Palin and the guests will address.
Limited Access to the Make America Great Again Attendee Website You will be able to view select videos and articles. Plus, you can still take part in some live blogs and discussions with your fellow attendees.
Breaking News E-mail Alerts and Interview Briefings We will keep you well informed on the most important issues affecting you and your family.
Your Information Membership Has a Total Value of $10, But You Get It FREE.

Option 2: VIP Member $9.95

Unlimited Access to the Make America Great Again Campaign, PLUS a Copy of Sarah Palins New Upcoming Book America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag Only $9.95 (plus $2.95 s/h for Sarah Palins new book)

For this relatively small fee you will have Unlimited VIP access to all of the Make America Great Again VIP Broadcasts with Sarah Palin, Dick Morris, Mike Reagan and many others, as well as unfettered access to our websites and live blogs (plus VIP passes to watch these broadcasts if you miss their original air dates).

Plus, youll get three incredible bonuses:

A Copy of Sarah Palins New Book: America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag (a $25.99 value) Its guaranteed to be a best-seller. The stores will have lines around the block. And it will sell for $25.99 once it hits bookstores this Nov. 23. If you register today, you can reserve a copy that will be delivered immediately upon its official release. With shipping, you will save more than $20 on this book alone by joining our special program!
You will get a FREE trial subscription to Newsmax magazine (a $20 value) Your freedoms, wealth, and healthcare are under siege. So with your VIP access, we are including a powerful and free trial subscription to award-winning Newsmax magazine to get the real, unfiltered stories on the biggest economic, social, and political issues affecting you and your family. Dick Morris says, Its my favorite magazine . . . every informed American must read it. Michael Reagan says, I guarantee youll love it. Get four free issues worth $20.
Get Three FREE issues of The Franklin Prosperity Report A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned, the old saying goes. But in todays times, a penny saved can be a penny lost if you dont know where to place it properly. Each month, The Franklin Report reveals how to protect, save, and grow your wealth. Find out from the real experts how to save on your taxes, energy bills, increase your investment returns and hundreds of tips that not only will save you money but also will put you on the path to wealth. Get three free issues worth $12.
Please Note: One month before each trial period expires, we will send you a renewal notice in the mail. If you like the publication, simply do nothing and, for your convenience, we will renew it automatically with your payment information on file with Newsmax.
If you do not want to continue with the publications, simply write No Thanks on the renewal letter, send it back, and you wont have to pay a penny! These are our gifts to you for being such a vital member of the Make America Great Again event.
Your VIP Membership Has a Total Value of $60, but You Pay Only $9.95.

Option 3: Book Membership $29.95

With this membership, you receive all of the benefits of VIP access as noted above, as well as Sarah Palins upcoming new book, but you will NOT receive free trial subscriptions to Newsmax magazine and The Franklin Prosperity Report.

This package is valued at $39.95, but you pay only $29.95.

We look forward to you joining us for the Make America Great Again event.

Pick Your Membership Below:

Option 1: Information Member:
Includes e-mail alerts and brief video clips at no cost.
Does not include full webcasts viewing.

Option 2: VIP Member Only $9.95:
Includes FULL access to the Sarah Palin webcast and
additional web shows with Dick Morris and Mike
Reagan. PLUS get Sarah Palins new book,
"America by Heart" a $25.99 value Your's FREE!.
(You will be charged an additional $2.95 for S/H)

Option 3: Book Membership $29.95:
Includes Palin webcast and new book, but no publication

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