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Reply #6: Crist: GOP "audit" is a sham; Party bosses owe me an apology [View All]

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seafan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-18-10 06:25 PM
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6. Crist: GOP "audit" is a sham; Party bosses owe me an apology
Charlie Crist: GOP "audit" is a sham; Party bosses owe me an apology

Adam Smith at Tampa Bay's The Buzz reports:

September 18, 2010
1:59 PM

Charlie Crist held a hastily called press conference Saturday afternoon at his St. Petersburg campaign headquarters to denounce the Florida GOP's internal investigative report that suggested party donors spent more than $13,400 on a Disney vacation for Crist, his wife, her two daughters and former GOP chairman Jim Greer and his family.

He released a Disney bill to Carole Crist showing she paid for $4,712.82 in expenses, including more than $2,900 for four nights at the Contemporary Resort, dining expenses, and arcade and gift shop charges. Here's the bill.

Crist called the party audit report "literally a sham."

"My family paid for our personal expenses. I have a copy of a bill to my wife that was paid for by my family as it relates to the Disney trip. Clearly, the Republican party bosses have attacked my family and my family's integrity, but also perpetrated a fraud on the people of Florida with this report."
Crist answered two questions for barely a minute: He said he did not know how Greer was using any party money to pay for anything on the June 2009 trip and could not say how Jim and Lisa Greer managed to spend more than $13,000.

Left unanswered is whether Greer covered any expenses for the Crists during those four days, such as meals and entertainment. For instance, the Disney bill Crist released shows less than $200 for three dining charges in four days and no park tickets.

"We're not going to start nickel and diming this sham of a report,'' Crist campaign spokesman Danny Kanner said when asked about expenses that appear to be missing from Carole Crist's Disney bill. "These records clearly show the Governor and First Lady covered their personal expenses, as they always do. That's more than can be said for Marco Rubio."

Crist also noted that Rubio has not released many of the credit card statements from when he was using a state GOP credit card as incoming state house speaker.

"If they wanted to do something productive, they should release all of speaker-designate Rubio's records. That would be helpful to the people of Florida before this election," Crist said. "The Republican party bosses owe my family and I an apology for this, but much more importantly an apology to the people of Florida. This campaign has 45 days left to go. I'm not going to continue to discuss their sham report, this cockamamie thing that's pretty ridiculous. I'm going to focus on the issues that matter most to the people of our state - issues like jobs and the economy, education and the environment."

Dan Conston, spokesman for the state party, said no apology is coming: Time and again Charlie Crist was present while Jim Greer was blowing through hundreds of thousands in Party money. Crist wants us to believe he didnt benefit from Greers spending. But does he really expect anyone to believe he didnt even notice it?

So, Thrasher and his RPOF have gone from 'Crist is guilty as charged' to 'Crist may have spent inappropriately' to 'Crist may have benefited from Greer's spending habits' to 'Crist MUST have known what Greer was doing'.

These snake-eyed losers will do ANYTHING to bury Crist for leaving the Party. That one act has so relentlessly and publicly exposed this crowd as the lawless, vindictive, backbiting bastards that they've always been. And golldangit, somebody's gonna pay.

Here is yet ANOTHER EXAMPLE of what vermin passes for "leadership" in the Republican-controlled Florida Senate:

September 16, 2010

Link denied between (Republican) Senate majority leader's letter, campaign cash

One week before Senate Majority Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla of Miami sent a letter to help a kidney dialysis company in a bitter contract dispute over prison medical services, his brother's campaign received a $15,000 check from the head of the company, state campaign finance reports show.

Diaz de la Portilla's letter, on Senate majority office stationary, was used by lawyers for Miami Beach-based Orion Medical Enterprises to persuade a state Department of Corrections official to halt the bidding process.

Both Diaz de la Portilla and the company's owner, Dr. Allan Jacob, deny any link between the campaign cash and the letter. But the contribution shows the flow of unlimited campaign cash into legislative coffers from executives who want to do business with the state.


Also this week, the Republican-controlled Legislature is holding, hostage, state energy rebates meant for the public, after installing new energy-efficient air conditioners and solar energy systems in their homes. Now, many Floridians have spent money to upgrade their homes' energy systems, but the Republicans in Tallahassee are sitting on the people's rebates, leaving many in limbo across the state.

September 15, 2010

Republicans in Legislature. defying Crist, refuse to release federal money to the public for energy rebate program

Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Legislature have begun a war of wills and words, with those Florida taxpayers trying to receive a rebate on a new air conditioner or solar energy system caught in the middle until possibly November or even next year.

Crist says Florida's Legislative Budget Commission failed to approve the use of $31.5 million in federal money for an energy rebate program when it met earlier this week. But leaders in the Legislature say they cannot legally spend the money without approval from the full Florida House and Senate.

"I think they're playing political games," Crist told The Sun on Wednesday evening. "I think they're dead wrong, I think they're dragging their feet. Here's something that's a good thing to do, the right thing to do, and they're being obstructionists."

Insiders say it could be political payback for Crist, who left the Republican Party to run for the U.S. Senate as an independent. Republicans control both the Florida House and Senate.

Crist explained that language was put in the budget last spring allowing for the federal dollars to be spent when they arrived. The federal government released the money to the state in August. Crist and his staff said the money is in a savings account with the Florida Energy and Climate Commission, which controls the rebate program. Under Florida Statute 216, the governor's office was asking that the LBC place the money in a checking account for use as an operating appropriations, which Crist said is allowable under the law.


The budget commission met Tuesday, with many of the 15 members attending via conference call, but the energy rebate program was never on the agenda, despite the governor requesting it.


The Florida Legislature created the solar rebate program in 2006 to encourage homeowners and businesses to use the green source of energy. But the state ran out of money, although it continued to offer the rebate, and thus a $52 million backlog exists. The U.S. Department of Energy authorized the use of $13.9 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money to clear up some of that backlog.

But (Speaker of the House Larry) Cretul attacked Crist and the Florida Energy and Climate Committee, which oversees the program.


(Todd Reid, a spokesman for the Florida House Majority Office) insists it is not political payback for Crist.


Everything these hateful people do is payback for whomever stands up against these continued, crushing acts against the well-being of the people of Florida, including committing every deceitful, manipulative act possible to push the Jeb Bush-anointed Marco Rubio into the US Senate seat.

It will never be any clearer what the people of Florida must do.

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