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Reply #140: I understand your point, but being forceful is crucial to any success [View All]

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AnArmyVeteran Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-27-10 07:45 PM
Response to Reply #128
140. I understand your point, but being forceful is crucial to any success
If leaders are not forceful they will never get anything done. Most political animals only do things if they are forced to do it. That's a fact. LBJ knew how to force/pressure/manipulate opponents to come over to his side. And because he was forceful he was able to get ground breaking legislation pushed through. No one who is a wimp will ever get anything done in any endeavor. You don't succeed by constantly giving in to your enemy. If you do give in you are no better than your enemy. And when I say 'force' I don't mean going around with a bat hitting people over the head. But there are a lot of ways to 'convince' a politician to vote a particular way if it means they will lose a key committee position and the power and prestige that goes with it. But none of that was apparently done. There has been a definite void of real leadership in the house, the senate and the presidency.

The people polled in Nebraska and Maine were 70% in favor of health care reform, but their senators didn't give a damn what they thought or wanted. That happens all the time. People are way to tolerant of their leaders selling them out usually because they side with corporate interests over the peoples' interest. Politicians know most people will forget almost everything they do because face it, the typical voter isn't very bright. They keep voting for the same people owned by the same corporate masters and expect different results.

And getting candidates to actually do what you want them to do is almost impossible given the corrupt campaign finance system we have. Until that is fixed we will continue to have one whore after another elected to office. That is the root of all problems in Washington DC. Politicians know they can turn their backs on the people because they can get millions in campaign cash from their corporate pimps in the next election. And like I said, most people are ignorant of the candidates and the issues and will mindlessly vote for a republican or a democrat over and over again, and expect different results. They don't understand that their candidate is a corporate whore who does the bidding of their corporate masters and couldn't care less about what their constituents want or believe.

Honest, qualified and competent people can't even run for office without selling out to get the money needed to win an election. And since the average person can't afford to buy a congressman, senator or president they are left in the dark after the election. Until we get tough campaign finance laws passed we will continue to have our country's government inhabited by professional corporate whores. And so far during Obama's administration the words 'campaign finance reform' have not even been mentioned. They only way they will do the right thing and pass effective reform to purge our system of whores is for the citizens to 'force' them to do it, otherwise they will continue to get reelected over and over again and ignoring what is best for our country and our people.

Every American should be for removing the corrupting influence money has over our electoral process. But a lot of people are clueless, especially those in the right wing who believe money is free speech. Now, since Citizens United has opened the flood gates for corporations (even foreign ones) to pollute all of our elections with billions of dollars our representatives should be using every ounce of creativity and intelligence to craft laws to change the way elections are held that will remove that money from elections. If we are not successful in doing that this country will continue to die. Unfortunately, the people we send to office aren't the most intelligent or most creative people. Look at Nevada where supposedly the two best candidates for the senate are Reid and Angle. Surely Nevada has better quality people in that state, but as I have said, it takes more than being a quality, intelligent candidate. It takes candidates who will sell out to corporate interests just to get the money they need to run.

I'm tired of seeing my country be destroyed by ignorance in both major parties. And it's getting worse. In the 90s, Perot and the Reform Party were strong advocates of campaign finance reform. So was the Green Party. But instead of people voting for real change, they mindlessly voted for one of the two major parties and we see where that has gotten us. And the only reason the budget was balanced in the 90s was not because of the democrats or the republicans, it was because that was what the Reform Party was pushing. The major parties were FORCED to balance the budget because they FEARED the continuation of the Reform Party.

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