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Reply #137: Yeah, I Have To Agree... Many Of Us Have Been Put On Ignore! Add To That [View All]

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ChiciB1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-27-10 06:45 PM
Response to Reply #10
137. Yeah, I Have To Agree... Many Of Us Have Been Put On Ignore! Add To That
the fact that he doesn't seem to really lower the hammer on some of the rabid idiots who keep attacking him! Now he doesn't have to pick up sticks and stones, but his laissez faire attitude has worn thin for me. Plus, he's taken up and supported some of what BFEE touted!

I used to preface my remarks by saying I DON'T like disagreeing with him and that I REALLY want him to succeed, but now not so much! As to WHO would have been better, I don't know because when it came down to it I did want this country to FINALLY elect a black President, but he WAS NEVER my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice!

I recall comments that were made waaaaaaaay before he announced he was running, that many Democrats wanted to be the Party to elect a black President! Can't recall now where I heard it, but references to this fact was an issue! I recall a story that was told where he passed a slip of paper to Biden that said something to the affect of "what the hell and I thinking?" And no I can't back it up with any link, but I also recall Chuck Todd making comments on Hardball that EDWARDS would not be the nominee and Chris asking him why? Todd's reply was "you know why, the D.C. Elites just won't let it happen. THIS was before all that came out about Reille etc.!

And I freely admit to being an Edwards supporter because I think he did talk so much about 2 Americas and how you don't sit down to dinner with Big Corporations, Insurance Co's, and Big Pharma because THEY will eat ALL the food. What happened with Edwards was shameful, and Elizabeth and his kids were devastated and hurt!

But I do recall that many people "knew" Clinton loved his women BEFORE he got elected! Still he was forgiven many times. Of course he didn't have a child, but the I've always wondered WHY in this day and age Rielle NEVER USED birth control! So, I still have mixed feelings!

As I do about Clinton & Lewinski, because how many women do YOU know that would save a dress to prove a point?? Still it was "on" Clinton to realize he was the President and perhaps he should have toned it down, given that he was already suspected of liking the ladies! I feel Tripp and some cohorts set him up. So the same could be true of Edwards! I don't want to open the can of worms again because I know how many people here simply "HATE" Edwards, but I don't know that he wouldn't have fought harder for "we the people!" I also had great respect for Elizabeth and loved seeing her on the campaign trail. She most certainly was good at it and could go one on one with almost anyone. And she did it with grace. Also she had cancer and it seemed a double whammy! But Gingrich is still around and his wife had cancer too! And the way he handled telling her wanted a divorce was horrid! But I wasn't in the bedroom with Edwards, but given her cancer, plus being apart so much of the time... well men will be men! It's the bane of so many men, so when opportunity presents itself, so many have NO self control! But I'm sure I'll never know!

Many politicians have been caught red-handed regarding this type of behavior. John Ensign still looks viable to win, Vitter hasn't suffered any backlash that I know of, and there are many more!

So given the choices, at the time I wanted Edwards to win! I kind of have buyer's remorse when it comes to Obama, but I did go out and work my butt off for him. Now, I've become such a cynic I'm sure I'll NEVER again volunteer for campaigning again!

I know this is long, and I fully expect the attacks that will be directed at me, but flame away... I'm just being honest and freedom of speech is still in force. I won't get into a pissing war with anyone, JUST BECAUSE!!

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