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Reply #134: Sign me up for a double order of cold contempt. [View All]

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TheKentuckian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-26-10 04:24 PM
Response to Reply #98
134. Sign me up for a double order of cold contempt.
When you accept everything it is eventually the rejection of any principle.

I don't see the need to wish for further suffering but in all effect her own living will was being followed and if the nurses aide had attempted to help her she may have had a fight on her hands and been culpable for the injuries the patient inflicted on herself resisting assistance from this woman just try to do a damn difficult job for far less than can be justified except we throw our elderly away and corporations got to make their money.

How is it hypocrisy to accept at some point that you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink?

You accept so much that you preclude free will. If my own mother refuses care, I have two options. I can have her sedated or restrained and treated or honor her wishes.

The only sympathy for the aide for being put into such a hellish position. The patient had a WRITTEN ORDER that was honored, the family's desires were enforced, the facility accepted the devil's bargain and it was honored.

Your prescription is that not only do you have to have staffing but it must be catered to fit some completely random sets of bigotry. I might be bigoted as shit against TeaPubliKlans but there is some difference there because I'm never going to sign a "Do not assist" order but if I change my mind it would seem like a "Do not resuscitate" and have to be accepted or denied and I would need a different facility.

It isn't sane to think that a facility is going to have a good lefty on hand 24 hours a day and seven days a week within arms reach. The same goes for any other bigots. You are betting your ass that an acceptable person to help you will be there for you.

Mrs Lee cannot logically expect that only a Japanese person can help and treat her, you do the math.

Eventually, even if everyone gives it a hell of an effort somebody is going to get sick or have to leave for an emergency and if Mrs Lee should happen to need help and refuses it because she was a bomb survivor or whatever reason then she is fucked.

She put herself and everyone else in check. If you want it to be different than the law must abridge free will and the patients must be sedated or restrained and dealt with.

You are being utopian in the extreme, leaving the shores of reality far behind.

You also are so idealistic as to deny right and wrong to the point of demanding the people going into the ovens try to understand the perspective of those shoving them in or they are more the same than they wish to admit.

Being liberal did not come with any paperwork that I would become a seeker of nirvana or the Great Link or whatever.

I've dealt with this shit before, right after 9/11 a couple of my employees were Arabic and old bigots didn't want them to transport them because they were "terrorist".
Well, I did what I could to keep drama down but that situation kept heating up to the point that it was either folks took what driver I sent or I'd be forced to fire damn hard working and good people because there were not enough reasonable folks for a stretch there to actually use them and the vehicles in a way that was functional at all.

I told them customers (yes, generally acutely sick elderly, their families, and facilities) with a spoon full of sugar that I could not and would not guarantee their services and that they'd just have to pass on dialysis or their check ups or their family visits or outings if they didn't like their driver.

I told them if they didn't like it then they were more than free to select a new provider. Same went for women for a lot of folks.

I put my job on the chopping line rather than theirs.

Some did go in other directions, including a big facility account but thankfully for me and eventually those two guys because the owner would cut them and advised I do so, they almost all came back crawling and begging for the quality of service we provided. A level of service exemplified by one of those gentlemen and well held up by the other.

In the real world, there is nothing but a cascade effect of injustice when you "understand" everybody.

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