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texastoast Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-25-10 08:08 AM
Response to Reply #34
122. Have you any concept
of how long it takes to clean up eight years of Bush shit pile? Bush's pimple popped just a couple of months before the 2008 election and spewed over ALL of us. And just like the picture in the OP, he's the one who fucked you and caused your last two years of grief. I haven't agreed with Obama on everything, in fact have vehemently disagreed at times, but to say that the work he has done hasn't been any better is just wrong.

Think of a house that has burned down. You have to clear away the debris before you can start rebuilding. We have been in debris mode and will be for at least two more years. THAT's how bad Bush was.

Barack Obama has done the following:

Froze the salaries for top White House staff members. This is a largely symbolic act, but might be an important one.

Set a deadline for the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Some of his supporters would say this is a great thing because they believe it operates as something from the Dark Ages. Others believe this characterization to not be true, and that no plan will be put place to determine what to do with the prisoners. Time will tell.

Fast-tracked the process to apply new fuel standards to 2011 car models AND initiated steps to allow California to set its own standards for auto emissions that are stricter than that of the Federal government. Again, this is a measure that some of his supporters hail as a grand step forward, while his detractors (or flamers) point out that it could provide an additional severe drag on the economy, especially in car manufacturing areas.

Signed a detailed executive order to ban torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Asked the military leadership to engage in additional planning necessary to execute a responsible military draw down from Iraq.

Released the interrogation memos without consulting the Bush staff and/or Bush about it. And they were only partially released some of the information in the memos were not made public.

Signed an executive order that restored a 30-day time frame for former presidents to review records before they are released. It also eliminated the right for the vice president or family members of former presidents to do the reviews.

Signed an executive order that requires that appointees sign forms saying that they were not hired because of political affiliations or contributions. This is far from an unbeatable measure, but is an important early step towards cleaning up governmental hiring policies. It is easier to prove someone lied when their signature is right next to the statement in question.

Signed an order banning gifts from lobbyists and banning anyone from working in an agency they had lobbied in previous years. Promptly made the order toothless by immediately granting a waiver to a former defense lobbyist.

Lifted a ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information.

Granted his first TV interview as president to Al-Arabiya, a channel described as a "voice of moderation" to the Middle East. His supporters call this a very smart move to help angered nations and groups feel a bit less cast aside, and let them know that they need not resort to violence to be made a part of the world discussion. Detractors point out that this is the type of thing Neville Chamberlain would have done, though a TV interview and "the Munch Agreement" are leagues apart.

And that was just the first week.

So chew on that and decide if you think Bush would have done any of those things.

Yes, there is much work to be done. But I will never agree that Obama is no better than Bush.
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