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Reply #265: I recently spoke to a Naturopath that described this very common condition of Hypersensitivity [View All]

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Grinchie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-07-10 06:10 PM
Response to Reply #210
265. I recently spoke to a Naturopath that described this very common condition of Hypersensitivity
She was the first Doctor that I have been to in about 3 years since I abandoned the Allopathic Medicine and started treating myself.

I spent 2 hours for a cost of 120 dollars, and it was the most informative session I have ever had regarding health, nutrition, and the hazards of these Chemicals that have been propagandized into the lives of ever Consumer until they wake up one day with Rashes, panic attacks, false heart attacks, seizures, latex allergies, etc.

Just imagine for a moment how disrupting it would be if you one day became morbidly allergic to Latex.. It's in just about everything.. From Underwear, to Spandex, to Golves, to Tupperware, Sippy Cups. It's actually quite an eye opener when Surgeons suddenly can't wear Latex surgical gloves any more. In fact, it's almost as bad as a beekeeper becoming allergic to bee stings one day, which happened to a friend of mine.

Another example was a and Exploration Geologist in Nevada, that one day, became deathly allergic to Sagebrush. That was the end of his career searching for minerals in the outback of Nevada, thats for sure.

As far as Vinegar, we use it, along with Boraxo, which makes a very fine liquid hand soap if you slake it and pour off the liquid. We also use Dr. Bronners quite a bit because we like it, and have used it for years.

For disinfection, we run an Ozone generator 24 hours a day in the house which sanitizes the surfaces.

Ozone is a miracle substance that the Corporate Powers that Be would like to eradicate, but they can't. Instead, the EPA hobbles the manufacturers of Ozone Machines by forcing them to produce very little Ozone which barely has any effect in large rooms. Plus, the technology to meter out the very low dosage is incredibly expensive for the manufacturer. What I do is comb second hand stores for these defective machines, and modify them to increase their output, or scavenge the import Ozone element for use in a homemade device.

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 60's and 70's, and I rememember days where the smog was so bad that it physically hurt to take more than a shallow breath. In those days, it was just plain old smog, and cars did not have Catalytic Converters. The whole problem eventually morphed into High Ozone days, and ominous warnings were blasted out on the radio for all people that had impared lungs to stay indoors to avoid the bad old Ozone, which they labeled "Ozone is the primary constituent in Smog".. In fact, the California Air Resources Board still trumpets this marvelous piece of Propaganda on their website.

While semantically, one could agree with this statements, it omits the fact that Smog is a mixture of Unburnt Hydrocarbons, as well as Oxides of Nitrogen, which are formed when Ambient Air, composed of 70% Nitrogen, and 18% Oxygen, with fractions of other gases is used to burn fuel. The large amount of Nitrogen in the Air mixture creates Oxides of Nitrogen, which are released into the atmosphere in large quantities. The Nitrogenous compounds react with water vapor and sunlight and create molecules of Nitric Acid, and in the process, create Ozone or O3.

What is most humorous about placing all the blame on Ozone, is that it conveniantly puts the Nitric Acid and Unburnt Hydrocarbons behind the curtain, and now paints Ozone in a very bad light.

Nikola Tesla had patents on Ozone Generators in the late 1800's. He virtually lived in high Ozone environments for much of his life. He died at 70 years of age, but not from lung damage.

If you were to withold Oxygen from the human organism, life would cease in a very short time. It drives our amazing metabolism, and each of our cells has a protective enzyme called perixodidase to protect itself from oxidation by Oxygen Ions. When a cell gets old, damaged, diseased or depleted, the enzyme goes away, and the cell is oxidized and flushed away through normal cleansing mechanisms. It is normal to want to get rid of damaged or dying cells, and we do that constantly ever moment of our lives. To think that we are born with a finite number of cells that we have to preserve at all costs is just more Corporate Bullshit for face cream, happy pills, and miracle youth enhancers.

The Corporations would like you to believe that cells never become contaminated or adulterated with their "Fresh Scent" products, tobacco smoke and the chemicals they deliver to your bloodstream, and other sordid compounds that are in the air, water and food we eat.

That fact is that it takes a while for these adulterants that make it into our system to be cleansed. It takes months to replace all of the cells that are contaminated. Some cells are never replaced (perhaps bone cells, teeth, etc..)

No, the fact is I have been breathing high concentrations of Ozone for years. When I first started, I went to a cleansing/herxheimers effect with symptoms of a mild cold, but after that my lung function is positively optimal, and I am totally convinced that it is a good thing by the lack of any illness for the past four years.

It's funny, because China, and the European Union use Ozone for everything from sterilizing Operating rooms, disinfecting Public Swimming Pools, deodorizing subways, and sell these Ozonator units in a robust consumer market, while the EPA goes out of it's way to make the units too expensive for the mainstream American to afford. It's a big scam by Pharmaceuticals, that sits on top of the smokescreen that hides the true danger of Fossil Fuel emissions, and makes one of the most useful molecules inaccessible or difficult to obtain..

An Ozone machine costs next to nothing to operate, does so much, and is dirt cheap and easy to make. It is the regulations that were written by Lobbyists against Ozone that make the devices so outrageously expensive.

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