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So, how do they educate the children at Stilwell Friends, where Obama's children are attending? [View All]

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JDPriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-03-10 10:06 PM
Original message
So, how do they educate the children at Stilwell Friends, where Obama's children are attending?
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Are Obama's children being administered the same tests as the children who attend public schools? After all, he claims to be a firm believer in those infinite infernal tests that children have to go through in public schools these days. So, what about Sidwell Friends where Chelsea Clinton and Obama's children attend? What is the program there:

Here goes:

Sidwell Friends Lower School is dedicated to educating the mind, body, and spirit of each child with special emphasis on the Quaker principles of dignity, self-worth, and reverence for life. We treasure our diverse backgrounds; we stress acceptance of differences; we emphasize cooperation with and concern for others; and we encourage a sense of commitment toward the larger community. Above all, we prize the unique worth of each individual.

We seek to provide a challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of each student. We believe that to be effective, education must be founded on secure mastery of basic skills, taught not only in isolation but also in integration with one another. We place strong emphasis on reading, personal expression of ideas through speaking and writing, and the mastery of computational and problem solving skills. We also encourage scientific exploration, artistic creativity, physical activity, second language acquisition, and technology as a tool for learning. In every area we stress independent thinking and judgments balanced by receptivity to the ideas of others.

Our high expectations for academic achievement are balanced with a growing awareness of others. We seek to develop in our students a broader sense of the world and the obligation to perform service to others. We want children to realize the importance of standing up for their own beliefs, as well as the value of quiet reflection.

Our school atmosphere is informal and friendly. Although the styles of teaching vary, we recognize and respect different learning styles and are united in our commitment to reach each child. Our faculty is excited about education and constantly learning and growing. They show children a caring community by working together and respecting one another. In addition they strive to reach consensus on issues that affect them.

We believe in the Inner Light in every individual and hope to nurture well-rounded, curious, self-respecting, and friendly children. ...

When I googled Sidwell Friends and test scores -- I got their page on sports scores.

And when I looked further, this is what I found:

Sidwell Friends School is instituting ImPact baseline testing to detect concussions in our high school student-athletes.
The ImPact Sports Concussion program will be led by Dr. Gerard Gioia,
director of the SCORE Concussion program at Children's National Medical Center. He will work closely with you and Sidwell Friends School certified athletic trainer, coaches, school personnel, and your designated primary care physician. While we do not want to overly alarm parents or student-athletes, a concussion is a serious injury to the brain that must be treated properly. This program strengthens our commitment to keeping your student=athlete safe.

more ...

Maybe the Sidwell Friends students are tested and they just don't publish the scores or talk about it on their website.

But what is good enough for America's public schools ought to be good enough for Sidwell Friends, don't you think? I'm sure the Sidwell Friends students would score at the very top of the nation. Considering who their parents are for the most part, that should be the case. But still if the Obamas want to test America's children, wouldn't you think they would want to test their own????

I'd like to see how they would react if their children were being taught how to take tests rather than how to learn and develop themselves as individuals.
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