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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-12-07 02:11 PM
Response to Reply #12
22. Our NAZI Allies
Note the detail on the top of the femurs is the same for S&B and the SS.

From John Judge:

Our Nazi Allies

Wed, 12 Dec 2001 02:53:16 -0500

Except for the work of Mae Brusell, Alex Constatine, Linda Hunt and a few others, most of those who have written about this importation of Nazis stop somewhere in the 1950s with the story and act as though there was nothing more to report than past bad judgment. The role these people played in our history and the Cold War is incalculabe. Bobby Inman, former CIA Director, admitted to me at a public talk that the Gehlen Organization spies were responsible for the Cold War being started. Thus, Germany pitted its former enemies against each other and militarized them, while it demiltarized and took American funds to build a post-war infrastructure that rivals our own now. Just for a few examples of what I mean:
    Wehrner von Braun's surrender to US troops, along with many of his Pennemunde rocket scientists, was pre-arranged to happen at the border of Switzerland once Hitler fell. The aide-de-camp who affected his arrest was none other than Clay Shaw, later charged by Jim Garrison with having an intelligence background and with a conspiracy to kill JFK. Though Garrison lost his case, the new files do much to prove it for him in ways he was kept from doing at the time.

    von Braun would not work for us unless we saved his mentor and supporter General Walter Dohrnberger, who was facing war crimes trials for the slave labor murders at Dora. He was let off the hook by the High Commissioner to Germany, John J. McCloy, who later presided over the Warren Commission cover-up on JFK with his pal Allen Dulles, who cut the original deals with the Overcast and Paperclip Nazis and who headed the CIA until JFK fired him over the Bay of Pigs lies.

    Dohrnberger worked with von Braun here at Redstone Arsenal before spending years at Bell Helicopter in Dallas/Ft. Worth, where his right-hand man in the 1960s was former military intelligence agent Michael Paine, whose estranged wife housed Lee and Marina Oswald, and who helped to get him the job at the Book Depository that set him up as the patsy.

    Dohrnberger, among other things, invented the space shuttle (originally as a weapon) and the idea of Star Wars satellites we are being pushed to develop now. Another Nazi, finally deported, was Walter Rudolph, who helped us get to the moon. NASA was full of them, and they all wanted to militarize space.

    Otto von Bolschwing did live in California. The woman who brought him into the United States was Helene von Damm, who later became the appointment secretary to Ronald Reagan. Reagan himself had ties to the Nazis, their spies in the US and other sympathizers from the 30's onward, when he lived with Errol Flynn, who worked for the Nazi Brown network here. von Bolshwing also made the initial investments with von Damm, a Greek fascist who was linked to their coup d'etat, and CIA arms dealer Frank Terpil, into a computer corporation that eventually transformed into "the company" front used by Contragaters Ollie North, Richard Secord and others.

    Otto Skorzeny was a dashing and flamboyant soldier and covert operations expert who rivalled Lansdale for his exploits. He was also a hard core fascist. This account says he "escaped" a camp in 1948. In fact, there was an attempt to try him for war crimes, and he was successfully defended at Nuremberg by an American military lawyer who liked him, and later bragged about how he tricked the court to get Skorzeny acquitted.

Many of the potential convictions of war criminals were foiled by "losing" documents or key witnesses, a regular practice by US Army prosecutor Leon Jaworski. The same Jaworski who spent years at a Texas based CIA-related foundation, who squelched the local investigation of the JFK murder as the official liaison between the Warren Commission and the Texas authorities. (In fact, the Warren Report draft was written by a US Army historian recruited at the end of WWII from the ranks of Hitler's official historians, and transferred to the Commission staff for this task).


Thank you for the kind words, Hubert Flotz.
Either I stand on the shoulders of giants or fail to avert my eyes when I plagiarize.
Thanks also for giving a damn!
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