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Reply #375: Oh, stop! My sides hurt too much already! [View All]

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Sapphocrat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-01-10 12:36 AM
Response to Reply #351
375. Oh, stop! My sides hurt too much already!

(Folks who do not have me on ignore -- and I know there are at least five of you -- would someone kindly make sure treestar sees this? Muchas gracias!)

You slay me, treestar. (Not in the way a lot of folks would like to slay me, but figuratively, I mean.) And you get the prize for bringing me out of hibernation, albeit momentarily -- this was just too ripe an invitation to pass up.

Here's your "strawman," pal (do you know the definition of "strawman," btw?)...

...and, no, I won't call out anyone by linking to posts or naming names...

...and no, I didn't make this shit up...

...and before anyone attempts to impugn my word, YOU search for these priceless lines, and you WILL find them all, and much, much more of the same:

"Keep blasting Obama boys and girls. Your reward awaits in 2010 and 2012 with Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Mcconnell and lastly President Palin/Romney/Bush/Pawlenty/Barbour/Petraeus/Huckabee."

"(Obama is) condemned for trying to be America's President, instead of the left's President. I hope you people are ready for President Palin."

"So will all of you who say you're gonna sit out the '12 election/vote 3rd party REALLY OK with Pres. Palin?"

"I'd just like to hear the 'logic' of those who are willing to live under a President Palin or her equivalent."

"So you are one of those who's ready and willing to have Palin as president... you may even LIKE it the way I've seen you defend her on this board."

"If you'd be just as happy with a President Palin, that's not only your problem, but ALL of our problems."

"They'd rather have Palin and the Repukes back in power because Obama couldn't save the world in a year!!!"

"(Obama) won't be appreciated until long after he is gone and the undermining of this president every single day since day one will give us someone like a President Palin"

"If Obama doesn't win because of some PUMA bullshit, then good luck in having President Palin (1 in 3 chance of this or better)."

"President Palin will thank you Because she and the GOP know that is how you think, and they will use that to keep the Oval office forever."

"You want to whine about Obama, knock yourself out. But in 2012 when you get a president Palin your whining will be the fault of your own."

"So, you'll be a President Palin supporter then? that's your choice."

"I hope you like President Palin. You sound like a pretty fickle voter if your vote is lost this easily."

Best threat: "a Republican will take over for the next couple of decades."

Wow! Presidents, Republican or otherwise, last for decades now?!


Now, are you ready to put to rest this bullshit that "no one" ever says that "criticism of Obama leads to Palin"?

Or do you need more lyrics from that classic oldies album, Greatest Hits of the "Hope You're Happy With President Palin" Chorus?
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