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ericinne Donating Member (251 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-23-10 10:47 AM
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45. As a Hispanic, let me say...
Edited on Fri Apr-23-10 10:49 AM by ericinne
As a Hispanic, let me say... Yes, your not alone.

I remember years ago, back in the late 70's. My family was the first Hispanic family to move into a small packing house town here in Nebraska.

The welcome we got from the community was not exactly warm. However, soon a few more Hispanic families moved in.. they all worked at the beef packing plant like everyone else. Soon, people got used to it, just because my dad was a Mexican was no longer an issue. He worked hard, did lots of double shifts. And he followed the Maddox philosophy of:

To keep us out of trouble, doing our home work, chores, and part to contribute to society.

The payoff for that effort, was respect from people who may have once saw you different when the culture shock first hit their tiny little community of farm boys.

However... in the early 90's... things started to change... soon all the white guys were getting other jobs around our industrial section of this state, and replacing them, was more and more Hispanic families.

The PROBLEM started for 2 key reasons...

1. Lots of young single hispanic guys moving in for the jobs, not just established family's
2. Illegals going where their friends and relatives were going for all that good money.

The main problem with the young single guys wasn't just the fact you had alot of farmers pissed off they were fucking their daughters, but when your young, you do those things that are fun when your young.. so you had your trouble makers... more often then not, the trouble makers were starting to turn out to be illegals. The crimes today, are also starting to be committed by smaller faction gang members from SUR13 and 18th st.

This makes me think back to a comment my dad made back in the mid 90's about the escalation in crime..

Something like... these fuckers need to go back to where they came from... they're giving us all a bad name.

For a while, I thought he was just joking and being sarcastic, soon I realized, he was being 100% honest.

Yes, I do realize all the angles involved here... You can't say just because they are illegal, they are criminals, not all youth are gang members, and many other twists you can toss on it... trust me, I fight with right winger racist assholes over these stereotypes all the time over on /

But you can't deny the impact of having JUST ANYBODY cross the border. Obviously, the reason we HAVE a damn border in the first damn place is to keep the riff raff out. I don't give a damn what their skin color is, or what language they speak, if you come to America illegally, you can not be reasonably acclimated into our society if you are only here to reap the benefits without the repercussions.

Things are different in Mexico/South America for Hispanics that make some things abnormal in America more common, although still taboo in other countries. And I believe if you want to enter into America, you should first be required to get documentation showing you have been briefed on American culture, and society expectations.

If that doesn't happen.. animosity's between cultures are only gonna get worse.

Borders need to be secured, illegals need to be sorted out and riff raff sent back.

How to do that.. I don't know... or maybe I do know but I'm not sick and twisted enough to say it or wanna think it.

I just want things to be like they were back in the 80's... Hispanic's came here to raise family's and live the American dream, and people accepted that without the fear of illegals and gang members.
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