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PJPhreak Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-17-10 02:41 AM
Response to Original message
131. As much as I hate to say...
Edited on Wed Feb-17-10 02:44 AM by PJPhreak
I don't think this is a solution,at least not by itself.

Yes it would benefit a lot of homeless people,but not all,probably not even 50% of the US Homeless Population.

1.There are many folk who are homeless who if given a small house to live in would not be able to take care of it,Repairs,paint,yard upkeep,roofing,plumbing,ect are above a lot of "Normal" folk's ability much less someone who has an addiction problem,mental issues or some such. These folk need more of a Real support system,not just a place to live. We can't just do something similar to St.Ronnies trick of "Here Ya Go,Take This...Now Go away" that he did with his handing people a SSI Check and then ignoring them in the hopes that once given (Either free or thru some sort of Section 8 style program)a living space they will take care of themselves.

2.We need to provide much more of a REAL support system for people with Mental Health Issues Drug Addiction/Substance Abuse!

3.More affordable housing. not just lesser expensive houses or Large Housing Units like someone mentioned upthread (That was tried at one time...they were named things like Carbrini Green.Did it work...Not to Well) but things more like SRO Hotels that are not fleabags,mixed income neighborhoods where there are housing sizes and styles of ALL sorts.

At one time in this country a person with just a HS Diploma could,with a bit of hard work and smart planning could provide for themselves and their family on the income that they were capable of making,House,Car,Groceries,Monthly Utilitys,Insurance and so on.

Those jobs that made up the jobs base for three generations of Americans are gone.

They are Not Coming Back.

Without which the Housing/Homelessness problem will get worse...Much worse.

This is the one thing that will go further than anything else to helping the homeless in the US than anything...Jobs for EVERYBODY! not just those with a Degree or expensive Tech schooling of some kind...I'm talking the kind of jobs that your grandfather may have had...Making Something.

Like Cars,Refrigerators or Clothing.

We need WAY many more manufacturing jobs than we have now.Without them the middle class will wither and die and with it any hope of base prosperity.Without that prosperity there will be Many More Homeless Folk in the next few years,putting a HUGE load on the scant support system that the homeless may already have.

I was homeless for a number of years,this is not a simple problem. There are many reasons that folk end up on the streets and there are nowhere enough Government resources to get all of us the things each one might need to get off the streets and stay off. This is just gonna get worse before it gets better
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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