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Reply #4: Thanks, abq e streeter! Here's what Michael Parenti has to say about Garrison... [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-04-10 10:47 PM
Response to Reply #1
4. Thanks, abq e streeter! Here's what Michael Parenti has to say about Garrison...
The historian observes how media gatekeepers' reactions to Oliver Stone's "JFK," which centers on Jim Garrison's investigation, reveals much about our nation.

The JFK Assassination:
Defending the Gangster State

by Michael Parenti


JFK is the only movie I know that continues to be attacked years after its run. Reviewers and commentators persist in making gratuitous references, describing Oliver Stone as "the man who reinvented history with movies such as JFK" (Oakland Tribune, 10/13/95), referring to "Oliver Stone's near-pathological monkeying with history" (East Bay Express, 12/14/95), and describing him as "a man who makes his living being a ranting maniac" and a "dangerous fellow" (San Francisco Examiner, 1/9/96). If anyone is ranting, it's the press.

Sociologist David Simone compiled a study of the books published on the Kennedy assassination, some 600 titles, and found that 20 percent of them blamed either a lone assassin or the mafia or the Cubans or Russians. The other 80 percent ascribed the assassination to a conspiracy linked to U.S. intelligence agencies, some of these also saying that mobsters were involved at the operational level. Ignoring this 80 percent of the literature, publications like the New York Times and Washington Post have listed the various theories about the JFK assassination as follows: (a) lone assassin, (b) mafia, (c) Cubans/Soviets, and (d) the "Oliver Stone movie theory." In other words, they ignore the existence of a vast literature from which the movie is derived and ascribe the critical theme presented within the film solely to the imagination of a film maker. The press would have us believe that the notion of a state-sponsored assassination conspiracy and coverup came out of a movie--when actually the movie was based on a rich and revealing investigative literature.

Like the Warren Commission, the press assumed a priori that Oswald was the killer. The only question it asked was: Did Oswald act alone? The answer was a loudly orchestrated YES. Meanwhile, almost every in-depth investigator had a different conclusion: Oswald did not act at all. He was not one of the people who shot Kennedy, although he was involved in another way, as a fall guy, in his own words "just a patsy."

The media have been tireless in their efforts to suppress the truth about the gangster state. In 1978, when a House Select Committee concluded that there was more than one assassin involved in the Kennedy shooting, the Washington Post (1/6/79) editorialized:
    Could it have been some other malcontent who Mr. Oswald met casually? Could not as much as three or four societal outcasts with no ties to any one organization have developed in some spontaneous way a common determination to express their alienation in the killing of President Kennedy? It is possible that two persons acting independently attempted to shoot the President at the very same time.
It is "possible," but also most unlikely and barely imaginable. Instead of a conspiracy theory the Post creates a one-in-a-billion "coincidence theory" that is the most fanciful of all explanations.


It seems that every day more people wise up to the traitors.
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