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It's the Seventh Annual DU/Rocktivity LBN "You Call This NEWS?" Awards! [View All]

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rocktivity Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-11-10 09:56 AM
Original message
It's the Seventh Annual DU/Rocktivity LBN "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!
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Edited on Mon Jan-11-10 10:27 AM by rocktivity
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Thank you, and once again, welcome! Well, well, well--what a difference a presidency makes, huh? For one thing, in case you haven't noticed, I've re-branded--I took advantage of the opportunity DU gave us after the election. I did so because like I said at last year's ceremony, we've won a battle but not the war, and I felt it was time to evolve from a state of being to a state of activity. Besides, everybody's doing it--like Wal-Mart, Blackwater, and Sarah Palin.

But seriously, folks, I know there more than a few of you out there who expected to be to be a lot happier with President Barack Obama then they are now. There are even those of you who are ready to deactivate your political awareness because you figure that being oppressed by real Rethugs beats being oppressed by fake ones. I myself haven't enjoyed everything Obama has done, but at least he doesn't make me want to crawl under a table the way his predecessor did. I have therefore decided to reserve final judgment until I see what kind of health care bill he signs. In the meantime I'll cling to reason and presume that he is more than intelligent enough to realize that being a more articulate version of Bush isn't going to get him over in 2102.

Looking out at all your cyber-faces, I can't help but feel a little jealous of all the conventions the teabaggers have been having. Freepers are revolting, but haven't they've ALWAYS been? Anyhoo, I think it's high time that we had a national DU meetup--wouldn't it be lovely with us running around with our screen names on buttons? Of course, Keith Olbermann is the only one who MIGHT mention it on national televisionwhich brings me to the point of these awards.

DU's learning curve is its greatest assetI believe that the ability of progressives to sniff out incomplete, insincere, and just plain lousy journalism has played a pivotal role in defeating the Rethugs in the last two elections. Since 2003, my DU savvy has made me notice that certain of the Late Breaking News stories were either too old, too absurdly obvious, or (worst of all) both to truly considered to be late breaking news. So each year since then, I've been awarding the original poster and the best snarker for noticing, too!


2003: Bush's Ancestor's Bank Seized (Grandad - Germany/Nazi)

2004: Cheney May Help or Hinder Bush's Chances


2005: U.S. Army Report: Military Lost Dominance In Iraq After Invasion

2006: Iraq On Brink Of Becoming A Failed State

2007: Iraqis Blame U.S. Invasion For Discord

2008: Bush sees no recession coming




Palin's book goes rogue on some facts
Media Source: Associated Press
Posted by: David Zephyr
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "Facts are like kryptonite to a Republican!" Unrepentant Fenian

Obama campaign plane emergency could have led to disaster
Media Source: LA Times
Posted by: RamboLiberal
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "This is preemptive news for when the GOP demands he stop flying AirForce 1 to save $$$." McCamy Taylor

HONORABLE MENTION: THE "To Figure This Out, You Had To Do A Freaking STUDY?" CATEGORY

Children use web to watch videos, look up "sex"
Media Source: Reuters
Posted by: Heidi
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "We had hours of fun at the public library huddled around the unabridged dictionary, giggling uncontrollably. "Now look up 'boobies'!" "No, look up 'doo doo'!" Lurky


Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says
Media Source: McClatchy
Posted by: Kpete
Best Post (Other Than Mine): " How convenient that he fingered Venezuela 2004 but not OHIO. These guys...must think we're idiots." EFerrari


Rove Played Greater Role in Prosecutor Firings Than Previously Known
Media Source: Washington Post
Posted by: Enrique
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "NEWSFLASH TO WAPO: Those of us at DU and Daily Kos and TPM Muckraker and Raw Story, et al., who were paying attention, pretty much 'previously understood' all of this (and more) three years ago." Leveymg


Cheney Slams Obama Administration for Opening Investigation of CIA Interrogators
Media Source: ABC News
Posted by: Sabra
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "To disagree with a president during a time of war is treason, Mr. Dick." LynnTheDem


Bottled water sales dry up, industry asks "Why?"
Media Source: MSNBC
Posted by: RamboLiberal
Best Post (Other Than Mine): "Drinking bottled water is one way to flush your money down the toilet." Zorra

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

In closing, I hope you noticed the efforts to make this year's ceremony more "green." The searchlights outside the banquet hall were replaced by sparklers. The banquet itself featured organic peanut butter on bread made with non-bleached flour. The tables were decorated with "potted" plants instead of cut flowers (which you can take home as souvenirs). ;) Any unclaimed underwear left over from the after-party will be donated to the homeless. And I made the ultimate sacrifice: getting here via skateboard instead of my usual stretch limo, which isn't easy when you're in stiletto heels, an evening gown, and a tiara!

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