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Reply #129: Or just replace the names of Barney Frank and Byron Dorgan [View All]

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Samantha Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-23-07 09:03 PM
Response to Reply #9
129. Or just replace the names of Barney Frank and Byron Dorgan
Edited on Mon Apr-23-07 09:09 PM by Samantha
with the entity on whose behalf they spoke: the DLC. The DLC (read that as the Clinton-controlled propaganda machine) obviously could not afford a Gore run. If Gore ran, he would win. Where would that have left Hillary in 2008? -- running against an incumbent Gore? Simply put, it would have left Hillary in the political cold.

Of course, Barney Frank did want Kerry's seat, but he was used by the DLC to promote a non-Gore theme.

I believe (and I mean this truly, I have posted this many times on DU) that the Clintons made a deal with the Devil. In 1992, Bush the Father had representatives approach Bill Clinton and ask him not to run. Clinton was perceived as the only candidate who might deprive the first Bush of a second term. If he had acquiesced, he would have a clear run in 1996; no Republican would stand in his way. But Clinton refused, thinking he, with Gore on the ticket, could take it. And that was the reason for the political hell Clinton endured while in office -- it was payback from the Republicans.

Now that the second Clinton is up to bat, and having endured the eight years of political payback hell, I believe the Clintons chose to "get out of the way" for Bush the son to have his second term in exchange for a clear run for Hillary in 2008. The DLC was the instrument that orchestrated the deal. Part of that deal was for Hillary to knock Gore out of the competition, and thus the public eating of their own commenced by the Dems in pre-2004. Gore was not only the victim of this deal with the Devil, but all of us in this Country who have suffered through the Bush* debacle have paid as well.

It would also explain Carville's betrayal in Ohio in 2004, when he called his wife Mary Matalin and said Kerry would challenge certain votes. The next thing we discover is that the Secretary of the State of Ohio comes out with a public statement to the effect that should Kerry challenge all of those specific quotes in question and they all changed to the Kerry side of the ledger, he could not win enough votes in the recount to take the state. Carville was in the bag for the long haul, bigger picture. Thus, he could not allow what was surely his political stakes to slip though the recount cracks. He placed the call to Mary and relayed the Kerry strategy.

This theory also explains the incredible Bill Clinton-George H.W. Bush* friendship. We see it but we cannot believe it. Perhaps the basis for this friendship is that both have learned to more successfully deal for what in in their common interests, having learned from the botched 1992 deal backfire.

And now 2008 approaches, and it's time for the Republicans to "play ball" and live up to their end of the bargain. I truly believe this is why we have seen the unbelievable sanctions given by Hillary to Bush* policies. She intends to continue them.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens. I think if Gore jumps in, Hillary is toast. And should he wade into the political waters and get the nomination, I am hoping he chooses Obama for a running mate. It would be an unbeatable team. And the Oval Office could belong to the Democrats for the next 16 years.

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