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Response to Reply #55
115. Why is it so hard to
understand that Al Gore has NEVER categorically stated that he would not run. He has stated in response to the question that he has no plans. That is PRESENT TENSE.

Look. The ONE person in this world that knows he has the luxury of jumping in at any point before the Democratic National Convention nominee is chosen is Al Gore. In fact, I feel confident saying that there has never been a situation like this before (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) where a certain individual could enter the race at the last minute and still win the nomination and the election.

How do I know he could win? Well, because he lost. Yep. Bush made it possible for Gore to win in 2008. Nevermind all the water under the bridge since then, but people that vote and who are sick of Republicans and George Bush and the Neocons, et al. have not forgotten that Gore lost the electoral/supreme court votes while smashing Bush in the popular vote. It was a huge controversy at the time and a lot of people were dumbfounded how such a huge disparity in the popular vote (some 500,000 in Gore's favor) could result in a loss. There was even talk of dismantling the Electoral College. And ever since, despite popular opinion, Bush & Co. have turned up their collective nose and done their own thing and people are sick of it.

Would Al Gore, should he end up running, be guilty of perpetuating a lie? A resounding no. Look at how he's been spending his time lately. Everything he does relating to An Inconvenient Truth including travelling the world presenting it in person, training others to present it, appearing with its producers to share in Oscar glory, being treated like a Salem witch by Imhofe while testifying to Congress. And add to that his writing, his family, his personal business and fending off stupid freepers dissing his energy habits while orchestrating a local victory in his hometown that would allow him to install solar panels.

I don't know about you but if that were me, and I knew that I could wait until the last minute and let the others pick each other off, all the while saving my own election funds for the homestretch, I wouldn't make the decision NOW nor would I develop a plan. So, if asked, I would respond that I don't have any plans or intentions to run. But, when it got down to the wire, I could revisit the issue and make the decision at that point in time.

I didn't change my mind. I didn't lie. I simply waited until it was do or die, weigh all the options and issues, gauge public opinion and based on what I see, and if I like what I see and want the job, I make the decision to run.

Anyone who is ready to label Al Gore a liar if he decides to run is just setting themselves up to oppose THE ONE PERSON whose honesty, conviction, and integrity we can count on to get us out of this nightmare. Imagine, a president who has a fix on global warming. Imagine a president who, with the help of a Dem Congress, could get us out of war and reconcile our relationship with the world. Imagine a president that considers you, yes YOU!, as the boss. Please don't let your misconception of his previous "denials" cloud your perception of him, should he decide later to jump in to the 2008 race.

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