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Reply #128: My sister was a victim of parental alienation [View All]

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nini Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-21-07 06:06 PM
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128. My sister was a victim of parental alienation
Edited on Sat Apr-21-07 06:08 PM by nini
My piece of shit ex brother-in-law turned her two boys against her to the point where they would get somewhat violent with her if they were forced to spend time with her. She was blamed for EVERYTHING wrong in the marriage. She was robbed of almost 6 years of their early teens to 18 or so. The ex made damn sure those boys were bullied to the point they never questioned him because they didn't want the same treatment their mom got.

The oldest finally started catching on when he graduated from high school and now sees his father as the evil piece of shit he is. She has reconciled with the boys now and they walked her down the aisle when she remarried which was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

BUT let me tell this to anyone who thinks parental alienation is not real and the most frustrating thing in the world to convince the courts of - it is a nightmare from hell. My sister was broken from having her boys taken from her - I have no idea how she survived it all. She described it as having your kids kidnapped but you knew where they were.

I can understand Baldwin's rage though he shouldn't have said what he did - but I definitely understand his frustration. What happens in these situations is the kids take on the alienating parent's battles for them. This sounds like what is going on here. It is near impossible for the alienated parent to NOT want to scream at them - they too are only human after all. He needs counseling to continually reinforce how he needs to deal with the daughter knowing she is being played by her mom.

It appears Kim Basinger is playing the same game with their daughter as my sister's ex did. If so, SHE is the parent at fault here. Sad thing is these kids are so scarred from this that even if he gets custody the child will rebel - this is EXACTLY what she wants. She is evil for doing this.

Baldwin should have controlled himself better, but I completely understand where he is coming from having seen what was done to my sister. I hope eventually it'll work out for him and his daughter but he'll never get back what was taken from him.

ANYONE who thinks Basinger is justified with what she did does not understand what is going on here. People who alienate the other parent do so at the risk of the emotional well being of the children because their own narcissitic egos think it's justified to do so. They put their own need for revenge before the good of the child - they are the lowest of the low.

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