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Reply #66: I've been thrown over kitchen tables [View All]

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symbolman Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-21-07 06:22 AM
Response to Reply #60
66. I've been thrown over kitchen tables
beaten by an Irish mother with a belt, abandoned by my father on the day of my mother's funeral at age 16..

Yeah, I know a little bit about it, and I DON'T Pass it on.

I am an exemplary Father. I've driven around this planet three or more times to see my children at the drop of a hat, forced to live in Campgrounds, washing my hair over a fire to go to court, driven through forrest fires to get my $8 tent when it was all I had.

My ex recorde ALL of my conversations for TEN YEARS just to try to Jail the father of 'her' children. I've spent over 300,000 dollars fighting for custody, with NO police file, while my Ex had one an inch thick, driving my kids around drunk, BITING her live in Boyfriend TWICE in the same year.

The cops came to her house to arrest the Boyfriend, when my 9 year old son told them that my EX had assaulted the man, they took the cuffs off HIM and Arrested HER. (What a nice thing for a kid to go through,eh?)

When he started smoking Pot at age 15 I talked to him on the phone, got him to admit it, told him it was time for a drug test, and counseling (I'd already paid for a shrink at $100 an hour - while she charged the money off on her insurance, defrauded the insurance company - since she'd made them WRECKS) - She had TWO DUI's with Weeks of each other, and was in and out of Institutions.

Me? I was sitting in a NICE home in SoCal, in a small friendly town, didn't drink or use drugs, NEVER struck a child in my life, a great dad.

What happens? I fight for custody, and *I* get sent to a Jail 2500 miles from my home (while my new wife is PREGNANT) by a Right Wing, Fake Christian "lady" Judge on trumped up charges. I had SIX lawyers, and took the case nearly all the way to the Supreme court of that Southern State.

STILL was sent to JAIL in that state for 20 days. Completely INNOCENT. Railroaded, and you would not BELIEVE what they can do to you, I know, I found out. That jail has been compared to a South African PRISON by CONGRESS.

So, yeah. I know a little bit about Parental Alienation.

My sons are a total loss now. The eldest does nothing but smoke pot - gave him a car, a room, and free board in HAWAII IF he wouldn't do drugs. He SMOKED and LIED, like his mother, so I sent him packing. The younger on will Never hold a job in his life.

My NEW son? Hes an ANGEL. Smart, Loving, surrounded by love and intellgent rearing - I studied Piaget in College. My minor was Art Education for CHILDREN. I've worked in HEAD START, and with a LOT of kids, big Irish Family as well.

I KNOW ALL ABOUT what Pain this man is going through, and the SYSTEM will DESTROY a man. It's slanted in Women's favor, there is NO denying that.

I would like to see some laws changed.


A good start.

Don't Blame the man. He is screaming at his EX, the JUDGES that have WRonged him and a system that makes MOST MEN, nothing more than Walking WALLETS, and SPERM DONORS who can't even get a FISHING LICENSE, let alone a Medical LICENSE so they can Provide for their kids.

The man is HURTING and people don't care. Well, I DO.
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