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Recipe for voter backlash: [View All]

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Faryn Balyncd Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-08-09 11:55 AM
Original message
Recipe for voter backlash:
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Edited on Sun Nov-08-09 11:56 AM by Faryn Balyncd

1. Pass a fundamentally flawed law with plans to "fix it" incrementally.

2. Mandate that all Americans purchase a product from a cartel.

3. Use the power of the government to enforce the cartel's monopoly rather than allow all Americans to buy-in to Medicare.

4. Call a plan designed to enable insurance companies to dump the most expensive 3-5% of patients a "public option".

5. For the 95% or so excluded from the "public option", don't give them access to a system based upon transparent and non-discriminatory provider pricing (such as Medicare, Medicare +5%, Medicare +20%, or, in fact, ANY consistent, transparent provider pricing system), but instead leave the rates charged to the captive, mandated-to-purchase citizens up to "the market", whose "invisible hand" we know to work for the good of all. :sarcasm:

6. While we're at it, for even the 3-5% consigned to the "public" option, don't allow their prices, either, to be based on Medicare provider rates (or Medicare +5%, etc), but demand that this small quasi-"public" entity, controlling a small fraction of the market that many providers would rather not serve all, negotiate rates from scratch, independent of Medicare.

7. Allow insurance companies a few years to inflate their rates even before the program starts. (Certainly we don't need government controls on prices or premiums: Now that the insurance companies have a mandate and don't need to spend their time peddling their product, the "market", and their sense of civic responsibility, will allow them to allocate all their time & resources to lowering prices. Isn't that how "free" markets work? :sarcasm: )

8. Call a corporate bailout for one of our most predatory industries "healthcare reform".

9. Label those that oppose such a plan: "purist, non-pragmatic, whining Kucinichians".

10. Since the people understand and support "Medicare for All", let then think that that's what we're passing, that we're bringing them the option to buy in to a fair and more efficient system similar to Medicare.

11. Allow the "public" to find out the truth, and the cost, slowly over time.

12. To make sure our "grateful" constituencies stay on board, somewhere in the 2000 pages of a backroom-written bill, subject those who cannot pay (whatever eventual premiums they are "offered") jail time.

13. Stir, bake, allow to rise until the next election.


(Those Republicans sure were stupid not to be on the "right side of history", weren't they?)


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