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Reply #103: I linked you to that post in her blog earlier. [View All]

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GirlinContempt Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-20-09 02:04 PM
Response to Reply #99
103. I linked you to that post in her blog earlier.
Edited on Tue Oct-20-09 02:06 PM by GirlinContempt
Go back through my posts, it's there.

She said that she & her family are dealing with the TSA on this issue. Why would you deal with an agency that apparently edited video footage of them kidnapping your child?! I say it smells like total bullshit. And I just don't believe that the TSA has some video editing genius hanging around waiting for them to abduct children so they can tamper with videos and insert babies in to frames where they were not actually present. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my words and issue a full apology without condition.

A few other things she said were true, too. She was at the airport. She was pulled aside for screening. That doesn't mean the TSA stole her child. They released additional footage because people were complaining it wasn't enough. If this REALLY happened as she said it did, she should be taking them to court and having the full tapes presented and witnesses subpoenaed, as I've said all along. Personally, I doubt that'll happen, because I think it's a lie. I tried to suspend judgment, but I just can't. The whole thing seems to me to be a total attention seeking drama fest from someone self-admittedly unstable. None of her actions or statements seem to me like the reactions of a justified person, a person who has been traumatized and had her child traumatized. A person who wants this to never happen to anyone else. I'd be taking them to fucking court before I'd be looking for a publisher, that's for sure.

My grandmother, who has osteoporosis and is handicapped had a horrific ordeal when she and I were traveling together, and due to the negligence of the airline she ended up with a fractured hip. My LAST thought was posting about it online, or finding a publisher to spread it around (or cash in). My FIRST thought was of course taking care of my grandmother, obviously, but after that I was dealing with the airline, I contacted a lawyer in case I found we needed to take it further, and other appropriate agencies. I was so incredibly outraged, upset and shocked that this had happened. The negligence and incompetence surrounding the situation was shocking, it went against the airlines own policies. I was fortunate enough to be able to deal with them and not have to take it further. But, I probably could have written an expose piece about it and got some cash. That was the LAST thing on my mind. If they had taken footage of the instance and doctored it, I would have been screaming my head off, filing a lawsuit, and doing everything in my power immediately to rectify the situation and expose them. And I would not be trying to settle with them, as they would have proved themselves despicable and untrustworthy. Nothing about this womans situation is ringing true to me. We're two different people, this woman and I, but that's how I feel.

And I also think it's complete bullshit that the kind lady 'had to be a mom', but that's another story.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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