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snooper2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-21-09 04:43 PM
Response to Original message
10. from the urban dictionary
1. sissy 378 up, 104 down
wimp, pussy, weak
cant fight or is scared to do somthing bad
You are a little sissy ass bitch.Ill kick ur ass.
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by Alex Pate Jan 30, 2003 share this

2. sissy 307 up, 108 down
a boy or man who enjoys little girls clothing. Especially babyish clothing. Lots of frills. Not always straight or gay. Likes to be treated like a babygirl. Likes tea partys and playing with dollys.
Boys who likes to dress in babydoll clothes. Wears diapers and sucks on a pacifier. Like a baby crossdresser
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by Tabitha Dec 4, 2004 share this

3. sissy 232 up, 67 down
straight girly guy
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by anonymous Sep 2, 2003 share this

4. Sissy 139 up, 72 down
An affectionate female nickname derived from the word sister. Sissy is a common nickname for a female sibling. It can also be a nickname given to a girl by others that she has cared for or behaved sisterly towards. The nickname implies that the girl is a sister or is regarded as such by family and friends. All in all, a sweet, caring girl :-)

See sister, sis, girl, female
Little Sis: I love you, Sissy.

Sissy: Awww, I love you too.
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by Sissy Sep 2, 2004 share this

5. sissy 51 up, 48 down
a little weak wimpy guy who loves to create drama to make up for sad weak miserable existence. No lifer. A perso whos weak.
vitale is such a sissy. He creates these big dramas to forget about his SAD miserable life.
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sissy wussy weak crap life
by drfdr Jan 13, 2008 share this

6. Sissy 40 up, 57 down
A guy who gets out of the bathtub to take a leak.
A guy who takes his chew out before he eats.
Walden is a great big sissy. He steps into the can to scratch his arse.
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wimp liberal mush wimp chew piss take a leak drain the toad
by Cap'n Bullmoose Jul 10, 2008 share this

7. Sissy 15 up, 47 down
A very close and dear friend. Someone who is, or whom you consider, to be a sister. Someone who will never let you down and be by your side for life.
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