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We don't want to have a beer with your alcoholic pResident. An open letter to the corporate media. [View All]

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Bjorn Against Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-14-07 09:43 PM
Original message
We don't want to have a beer with your alcoholic pResident. An open letter to the corporate media.
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Edited on Sat Apr-14-07 10:02 PM by MN Against Bush
Dear corporate propagandists,

In 2000 you told us that George Bush was appealing because he was the type of person you would like to have a beer with. Of course you knew full well that Bush was a recovering alcoholic, but that didn't seem to make a difference to you, you wanted us to give him the opportunity to put his finger on the nuclear trigger in the hopes that we all might be able to get drunk with him.

It didn't matter that this man had no experience that could have possibly qualified him to be President. It didn't matter that this man had brought financial ruin on every company he worked for. It didn't matter that this man's family had so many skeletons in their closet that they could not get the door shut. It didn't matter that the man spent his early years going AWOL so he could snort his coke and drink his booze, because dammit that is the type of guy we all supposedly wanted to drink up with.

The American people did not want to go get drunk with this man however, and they certainly did not want to get drunk with him while he had the power to unleash the destructive power of the world's largest military. No, the American people did not want to go out drinking with this man, and so they defeated him in the 2000 elections.

You would not admit to his defeat however, instead you pretended that he won. You knew that his "victory" came about only as the result of illegally purging black voters from the voting rolls. You knew about the fraud, you knew about the intimidation but you ignored it. And so your recovering candidate took power, and you most certainly got to have your beers with the pResident because from that day on it was obvious the man was drunk off his ass.

He was so drunk he did not have time to listen to those stories about how Osama bin Laden was "determined to strike in the U.S.". Unfortunately those stories he ignored turned out to be true, soon over three-thousand Americans were dead and how did your alcoholic pResident respond? He responded by reading a children's book about a girl and her pet goat.

It wasn't long after the attacks that the video of your man reading about goats got leaked onto the internet, many of us had already seen it long before Michael Moore decided to put it in his film. You knew full-well what George Bush was doing on September 11th yet you ignored it, you pretended that he was a true American hero who acted courageously to protect his nation. You kept drilling it into our heads that George Bush was going to stop the terrorists from destroying our nation, and he was going to spread democracy around the world in the process.

You told us that in order to save our nation this man you propped up as a hero needed to go into Iraq to rid that nation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It didn't matter to you that people like Scott Ritter, the former chief weapons inspector in Iraq, said there were no WMDs. It didn't matter that the International Atomic Energy Agency was not expressing any confidence at all that there were really WMDs in Iraq. You ignored these voices though and you told us that there was no doubt Saddam possessed these weapons and that he posed a threat to America.

You lied, and hundreds of thousands died because of your lies. You are not journalists you are propagandists, and you are responsible for the mess that we are in today.

At least you got to have your beer with the pResident though. The rest of us however decided not to drink up with you. We don't drink with madmen, and we won't drink with you.


Citizens Against Drunken Frat Boy pResidents
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