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Reply #115: When human life is taken out of it then the sense comes through [View All]

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nightgaunt Donating Member (124 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-21-09 02:19 PM
Response to Original message
115. When human life is taken out of it then the sense comes through
The bottom line of any corporation is, in general, to make money. The more the better. Now put that in an area where human life should be the most important thing and you have our form of care. Where the HMO or PPO board of directors or their corporate owners have worked out what the doctors can give you or not in the area of medical treatment. From drugs to surgery they have the numbers to tell them what costs more in relation to your life. "Your money or you life" doesn't apply in this case. It is the relative cost of your life measured against their profit margins. The bottom line isn't yours or my life. When you figure that out then you see that Simon Lagree is alive and well and living in the dark souls of those whose god is Mammon and will gladly put you and your babies into the Carthaginian furnaces of Moloch to make that bonus limit in the next quarter profits. With a (low end) average of 273 dying every day from lack of healthcare, you get the idea that many Murray buildings are exploding and multiple twin towers are going down constantly but the numbers of the Death Care Industry's victims are going unremarked and unannounced all of the time. The silence of the preventable deaths should be deafening but it is not reported in the context that would bring it to the fore of everyone's consciousness. And with so many millions now unemployed or poorly employed, somewhere in the 9 million mark, the fewer people alive, the better it is for the plutocrats of our oligarchs that want to rule without any restraint.

The strangulation of the news industry directly aids those of the corporatist persuasion in many ways including in the health industry. The fewer reporters, of those a very small amount of dedicated ones, are pared back and reduced numbers to "save cost" and closing down news rooms and making the total control of the airwaves monochromatic as the 5 conglomerates consolidate a greater hold on 90% or more of the available information outlets.

President Obama is doing his job to make sure that whatever is passed it won't do us any real good. Forcing us all into Gingrich care at the point of a gun isn't good for us. But perfect for the Death Care Insurance companies! Any who can't pay will be paid for with our tax money from "our" gov't. Fascism all over again. Corporations get their blood money one way or the other. Consider President Obama a hostile witness and treat him accordingly

Now why would they in their evil right minds turn that down? If you are a normal person you should be appalled at it. If you are actually informed. Otherwise you are a psychopath or a wannabe who loves the present situation and will kill to keep it. Once you understand that it will make sense.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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