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Reply #62: The tax topic is abused by the right. [View All]

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Fedja Donating Member (544 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-17-09 02:48 AM
Response to Reply #22
62. The tax topic is abused by the right.
Edited on Mon Aug-17-09 03:11 AM by Fedja
I live in Slovenia where our total tax burden is some 51%. Hell, even when I type that number, I scare myself. Now... let's see what that covers:
- free healthcare for my family
- the above includes dental, eye care, all medicines, hospital stays, preexisting conditions....
- if someone in my family has no regular income, he's listed as my "dependent". I get a tax break and he's covered by my health insurance
- free college education for my kids (yes, free.)
- pension insurance (US stock-based pension funds are as shocking to us as private healthcare)
- unemployment benefits (for a period of 1-2 years after losing a regular job)
- 1 year maternity leave
- 3 week paternity leave
- paid sick leave
- 23-30 paid holiday (5 weeks) per year

Surely there's thousands of other benefits I can't think of right now, but that's the basic idea. Sure, taxation can be higher, and we end up with less money in the pocket, but we're snug and secure. We know for sure that we'll never be denied healthcare, all our kids can go to college even if we're low on money, we won't be hungry in a month even if our company collapses, and nobody can rob us of our pension. It's a sense of security I gladly pay taxes for.

Edit: I went to look at some of the other benefits, and it's a fairly stunning list. In the interest of brevity, I'll only list the ones that apply to parenthood:
- 1 full year paid maternity (salary matched to salary held before birth, capped at 2.5x average salary)
- 3 weeks paternity leave in the first 6 months
- shorter working hours for 1 parent until the child is 3 years old (employing company compensated by the national budget)
- 4-child families - national budget permanently pays a parent an average salary if he chooses to stay home to care for kids full time
- parenthood assistance - a lump sum payment at birth of a child to cover purchases of baby care necessities (some 500 usd)
- child care assistance - if the family income is below the national average (even by 1%), one parent receives a monthly payout by the govt (I think it's around $200) per underage child
- large family assistance - annual payment for families with 3+ kids under 18 (or under 26 if attending school)- $600
- special needs child assistance - $150 to $300 monthly for children with special care needs, depending on severity
- special needs salary compensation - salary comp for a parent who has to care full-time for a special needs child.

The above is just related to kids, there's lists like that for retirement, unemployment, education, and god knows what else. :)
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