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Reply #136: Yes, yes, yes, Cynthia McKinney is not a bigot [View All]

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Lithos Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-09-09 11:32 PM
Response to Original message
136. Yes, yes, yes, Cynthia McKinney is not a bigot

She almost said something in 2002 when her father speaking on behalf of her campaign talked about Jews being the cause of her defeat

She almost said something in 2006 when the she allowed her security group to be composed of viruently anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party members. She almost said something when one of them stated that her defeat was caused by Jews.

She almost didn't endorse and quote her very good friend Matthias Chang's book "The Shadow Money Lenders" to support her notion of a New World Order being set up. She almost also mentioned this book is part of a trilogy where he posits that a long standing conspiracy of Zionist money lenders starting with Rothschilds and continued on by people such as Soros and Greenspan are trying to establish a New World Order. She almost mentioned that Matthias Chang based this series of books from from the works of Eustace Mullins, a noted anti-Semite and author of such works as the "Biological Jew" and "Adolph Hitler, an appreciation" and that Chang's term "The Shadow Money Lenders" is synonymous with Mullin's "International Jewish Banker." She almost mentioned that this trilogy is of course only sold in the United States from American Free Press, a noted anti-Semitic site founded by Willis Carto. She almost also mentioned that Matthias Chang also has strong ties with many noted Holocaust Deniers including such as Mrs. Zundel, Michael Piper and many who write for "The Barnes Review" and "American Free Press".

When she endorsed her good "London friend", Pidcock, she almost mentioned his beliefs in a Zionist conspiracy which involved an alliance with the Illuminati and Young Turks to take over most of the Middle East including Egypt and Saudi Arabia and his close involvement with the virulently anti-Semitic website "iamthewitness", aka "The French Connection" which coincidentally enough also endorses a Zionist banking conspiracy also drawn from the works of Eustace Mullins and which hosts and promotes the works of noted anti-Semites as Henry Ford including the full text of his "International Jew".

She also almost said something to the several interviews with noted anti-Semites Daniel Bradford Smith and Ognir which were originally posted to well known anti-Semitic sites. She almost mentioned that she disagreed with his obvious anti-Semitic comments and Jewish conspiracy theories.

Remembering too that Cynthia McKinney recently founded DIGNITY to fight "inherent racism" in America, it is strange to note that one of the hallmarks of inherent racism is the sin of inaction. And given her opportunities, the sin of inaction and her continued association and support of the work of racists speaks volumes.

As for your comment about Zionism...

Then there is a gray area with respect to Zionism. Zionism was originally defined, beginning in 1897, as a political movement aimed at establishing a unique homeland for the Jewish people. Zionism was motivated by the fact that Jews throughout many parts of the world had suffered through many centuries of severe discrimination. Following the Nazi Holocaust, Zionism became much more popular, for obvious reasons. Being against Zionism was not necessarily a sign of anti-Semitism. There were many Jews at the time who were not Zionists or who were against Zionism for many different reasons. Nor was it necessarily considered an insult to be called a Zionist.

You are right and wrong, mostly wrong. Zionism is a word often used to mean many things. When used by historians of a reputable nature, it generally means those supporting some level of Jewish cultural renaissance and/or Israeli nationalism originating in the middle 19th century. Zionism in this case means "return to Jerusalem" whether symbolically by a return to original ideals or secularly by control of the actual city.

When used by anti-Semites of the type whom Cynthia McKinney seems to have spent a fair amount of time with, it is synonymous with a Jewish conspiracy to control the world and who use it as "cover" to provide cover from obvious claims of bigotry.
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