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Let them eat cake? [View All]

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-07-07 11:55 AM
Original message
Let them eat cake?
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Edited on Sat Apr-07-07 12:12 PM by undergroundpanther
How long will it be long until people begin to sharpen those guillotine blades?
Class war is happening,ever since the first asshole made himself a king. Class war in Modern America has been increasing.Companies are showing their mercenary sociopath natures more and more clearly.They are becoming more brazen in the "let them eat cake" attitude at workers.

When the wealthy think they are entitled to have it all.and who cares who suffers as long as I got mine they are no longer capable of recognizing when having enough is enough.

When Company bosses fail to share surplus wealth the company makes with the workers that was made with the workers hands it is a violation of the social contract..a contractual relationship between a company and employee and human society itself as it is here in US .

The employer employee relationship is rapidly changing forms.It is going back in time to feudal lords and serfs, slaves and masters. Today outsourced serfdom and outright slavery is what company's want but dare not say out loud. Desperate people hungry people,scared people,traumatized people,powerless people,will do anything to survive and feel stable like they have a chance..even give up their freedom,self identity,political involvement,self education,leisure,free thoughts,for all the trappings of self actualization are too high up on Maslows hierarchy of needs when you can't afford heat,go to a doctor, or afford rent or to feed your kids.

For those who want freedom and a reciprocal social contract the company says "Go eat cake",They say it in other words like improve your skills at classes you can't afford that may never materialize into anything, That is one way the wealthy tell employees at a company to'eat cake'.Eating cake as they fire them while they hire others who live in counties where cost of living is not so pricey that will sell themselves cheaper than you because they are desperate to improve their lots in life too .A corporation telling good employees that have given many days of their lives that the employee cannot ever get back, to build the wealth of the company owner , Let them eat cake is not sound psychological,fiscal or social policy.

And when firing , outsourcing,benefits and wage cuts creates more starving, sick, desperate emotionally overwhelmed people who are told their suffering and lack of success is their own fault,sometimes that lie is so glaring and the financial abuse of society is so obvious they do not buy that self blame bullshit anymore and the rich's ruse of their own entitlement is no longer believed by the masses the elites fucked over one time too many.

And when the ruse is up, because there is not enough of a social safety net or fairness in the employee employer relationship,the masses will become enraged by the abuses they endured for the fabulous lifestyle of a few arrogant prigs the masses will attack the cause of their misery in a PERSONAL way..Every single narcissistic selfish psychopathic elitist hoarding and'owning' too much of what everyone needs..becomes King Louie.

The rich regardless of their rationalizations and Machiavellian manipulations of peoples minds with propaganda emotionalism,guilt trips,religion, patriarchy,etc.. will have to realize they will not be saved by their hoarded wealth and belief spin doctoring.

Wealth is NOT the same thing as power.When people with nothing have nothing to lose they find out how powerful they really ARE and they come together to FORCE a leadership regime change for their own survival's sake. When the masses realize they have been conned out of the very means to survive the very means to live and become what they are intended to they are rightfully outraged. Eventually that hoarded wealth will make the elites and the state who protects the elites a target of hate.If there is no negotiation,revolution is the other option to resolving conflicts with elites who abuse power.

Revolt is the other option if Company greed and Ceo delusions of entitlement continues to facilitate this expectation of never being confronted or responsible and continues with this impersonal lack of negotiation about the social contracts terms. Unless the elitists and workers and poor negotiate a fair exchange and the elitists are forced to adhere to the negotiation revolt is inevitable.

Not everyone can stomach being a mercenary lapdog to moneyed prigs.Some people actually desire to live in a better society and when their efforts to give,help,support the less fortunate are de-funded,interfered with by the state or cops or military arms of the wealthy elites society is being shafted. When people who care about others well being, get scapegoated as'foolish' by people with too much who don't care it is a recipe for bottom up mass outrage aimed at the top few,because as solidarity grows and people begin to know each other as people the cultural divides that have obscured the real causes of the masses misery dissolve and what is left is the real problem.The Top 1 percent and their greedy corruption and tyranny.. There are more of US working people, poor people, outcast people than there is rich elitists and their little black water bully club and their cell church cults.

And if the wealthy think getting mercenaries and true believers to cull the poor in a 'culture war'..or using technology to mess with their minds torture protesters ,or using'health concerns' and deliberate bio-warfare and blaming it on a scapegoat,enables doctors with a Mengele mindset to drug citizens into compliance or abuse them to make them manipulatable through their issues is a solution to save their hoarded booty, they will be in for a shock. Some of us are cynical and able to step outside of our comfort zones and already know who causes our misery.And why.And know the elite have been a boil on the ass of human liberation and freedom ever since a bully declared himself better than everyone else because he had exploited and terrorized them.

If the wealthy in America will not bother to even negotiate a fair deal honestly and fairly with those people whom they want to borrow the talents and labor from and treat them with respect and actually care about their quality of life too, and share some the wealth the wealthy have gathered from the workers with the workers and the society at large like a proper'leader' should do,if the rich fail to realize what their bad leadership COSTS others ..than the social contract with the worker/citizen and the state and corporation has been abused ,negated and violated. And people do not tolerate such abuse of humanity without seeing through the ruse eventually..And when enough people do,there is outrage and the shit hits the fan, flying right into the faces of the "beautiful" people.And the elitists realize they are just like everyone else and die and hurt like everyone else too..

When the social contract is made invalid then there is no reason for the poor seeking job to bother to reach for the carrots and sticks the wealthy use to manipulate them with,they are not being treated fairly for the efforts they give, so they get what they need like the wealthy elitist does they take it.The desperate go into the wealthy elitists homes banks and property and seize it for their own survival's sake.And don't feel shame at 'stealing' because the wealthy have violated the social contract, given nothing back for what work, time, efforts the worker has given to the wealthy and the state..they take because they are owed their rightful pay and have a right to partake of some of the fruits of this society collective wealth and have been denied it because the elitists have hoarded it.

People will take only so much financial and workplace abuse before they force the rich to give back or have it taken away....The rich have flagrantly ignored the underlying social contract with humanity of mutual sharing and support and quality of life (the inherent equality of all humankind)that sharing that makes the wealth's lifestyles possible at all.

Meeting each other's needs and generosity extending beyond family,class or other forms of social 'rank' illusions and meeting our own needs at the same time,knowing how much to have is too much to have and when not having enough is what makes us able to live with one another.When a citizen who cares about it's society's well being begins to realize it is a victim of exploitation rage is expressed..And when workers doing measures to stop the abuse are not recognized as agents of healthy self respect and cultural survival for all is being disrespected than society will suffer all the way to the tippy top.

Because all people living in social cultures need validation,support,self respect and to give respect to those who are respectful and scorn and negate the ambitions of those who abuse power if they want to have freedom in their society at all..This mutual respect and compassion and outrage against abusers of said society and hoarders of it's fruits IS the "glue"holding any'social system' together .

ALL companies owe their continued existence and "growth" to it's employees willingness to work instead of form communities of their own and have less stuff. NOT THE SHAREHOLDERS.. If a Ceo cuts it's employee base's pay too much,and things like heat and food are not lowered in price to make a standard of living possible and the employee cannot make ends meet they might try other means than working harder for another asshole to survive.

Desperate people do not balk at the means the wealthy already do to"dirty their hands with and hide "behind closed doors "and if the ceo abuses power and hoards the means of survival and resources away from those he wants to do his work for him to keep his wealthy lifestyle ,he is self destructive and trying to destroy the social contract that makes civilization freedom and all the higher ideals we consider ethical, possible.And if the wealthy do not check their corruption and hubris the populations rage at their empire will.

If a wealthy leader fails to care and share,for others in a real way that is more than words or hollow awards that are cheap or cost the wealthy nothing ,the elitist snot will hit the ground hard,and depending on how evil and selfish of a tyrant he was,and how much he abused power and fattened himself on the suffering and desperation of others to survive, he might find his head rolling off into a basket when it comes time to pay the piper for his debts to the source of power he abused with his misdeeds against the larger mass of humanity.

Those snots and power trippers who refuse to treat other people they employ or depend on with respect,and fairness,and decency like human beings THEY are the very tyrants who's blood must be shed to water the tree of liberty. If there is to be any freedom the pig bully elitist fuck wads in the suits and gated communities and their sycophants in churches and red states,along with 5th column manipulators subverting the social contract in people who call themselves'progressive' liberal or democratic, must be exposed and dealt with..harshly enough to be sure they have no access to the means to power ,or any significant social rank they will surely abuse.Wealth is a type of power and some people use that to harm and terrorize others into dependant,subservient positions.

If the owner/tyrant gets cocky and in his hubris decides to abuse his social position and abuse the workers that supply him with his fortune with selfish greed, he will surely lose it all given he goes far enough in his arrogant sense of superiority' to the plebeian serfs he thinks are fools.A leader should never consider those supporting his existence are powerless fools..

The hallmark of a great leader is not how much he owns and takes or produces with others hands on the cheap,but how much options for other's quality of life he makes possible, howe much he shares and gives of himself and everything else he has with those who have less or none and inspires the people around him and lifts them up,defends them and does the right thing..

In a sane culture to receive a gift,such as being a CEO one must be willing to reciprocate the people who let you become CEO with their hard work and self denial with return gifts.

Shameless narcissistic elitists are sick"leaders".They claim entitlement to power ,superiority of self,and think that claim makes them exempt from being responsible to others,exempt from having to give something back to the community that supports them,and for what they were given a high social rank and much more than anyone else has.This reciprocal form of leadership is the root of why any kind of civilization works at all for anyone's well being.Without a social contract,the biggest bullies take until the ones forced into submission snap one day realize they are being abused and storm the bastille and hunt down and kill off the abusive tyrants and their entire families..Any society works because there are certain obligations and expectations,of mutual respect, fair informed, unforced negotiations and exchanges,for mutual benefits driven by a desire for ones self to be comfortable and for that to happen without revolts,uprisings,war and such,to requires that leaders not be greedy elitists or arrogant narcissists or asshole bullies abusing power because of their lack of ethical wisdom, and a hidden vile personality type hiding under a swagger,a rhetoric and PR,and a tendency to lie and manipulate others for selfish gain and ego trips that makes them unfit to lead anything.

All others participating in said system must be included and respected as a legitimate voice in the wealth and power making process,lest the whole corrupted civilization's victims revolt against the corrupted self serving abusers of the people's talents the ce os don't have but need, and the workers willingness to take less so the wealthy can get more than they really deserve..When a person is abused for doing the right thing,when a person with insight who can know they have enough,has enough it is time to give back.The wealthy in this country are pigs,they take and share nothing.If they keep this up they will be reduced to nothing and all they have will be returned to those who gave it based on the contractual agreement of sharing excess and using self control and empathy and humility the glue that keeps civilization alive...A real leader knows you cannot fuck people over for long until they fuck YOU over right back. The workers and citizens have grown too tolerant of tyranny,and sadly fear the remedy for they believe in the myth of wealth equals better person than you ,and they fear being responsible for their own freedom just as those who abuse them want them to believe.

When the sleeping Giant you elitists call sheep and dupes awaken, than change in the social contract is inevitable.When the programming and attempts to keep citizens separated from each other and mind games like status and spin fail to work on vulnerable pissed off people's opinions of you , it is time to give, or lay your head in the neck slot of the guillotine and realize it was your own greed and abuse of power that caused this mess.Own it now ,take responsibility you filthy rich pigs and stop abusing this nation financially and every other way, or own it later in your own hunting,capture,social humiliation,shame and death.

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