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rucognizant Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-22-09 05:26 AM
Response to Reply #31
45. TV in the garbage can. .
I won a battle against a terrorist yesterday!........ DIRECT TV!
For 2 years I had a bundle, phone, internet, tv.........with verizen at a price i could afford..until Fairpoint bought verizon. In Feb. dtv started billing separately FOR JUST ONE MONTH I THOUGHT! ( they were not clear on the phone, played a verbal shell game about that & "local network" stations. ( They were actually charging me for NY, LA, Bangor, ( the place where new graduates of communication school go to start their careers for $100. per week!) which jumped the fee by 16. a month....and THEY LET IT GO FOR 4 MONTHS WITH ME THINKING THE PHONE COMPANY WAS PAYING THEM! WHen it came to my attention.I paid them 122.?? in early MAy AND THEY SAID....... they thought I could put it on pause ( NO MONTHLY FEE) but they lied and charged me for MAY, & will turn it off unless I pay them another $148.?? by the 26th of MAy
YES THEY wanted 1/3 of my monthly SS income; couldn't wait another 7 days, JUST SEVEN DAYS!
SO I said "FINE; TERMNATE ME"...........they will send me a postage paid box, even tho I have clogged my storage space with the original box the equipment came return their stuff. THEN they want that $148.?? if I don't cough it up they will REMOVE IT FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT WITH THE DEBIT CARD NUMBER THEY SAVED FOR 2 1/2 YEARS, even tho they promised they wouldn't. DISH TV did this to me in 2007!
So with the full assistance of my small local bank..I closed out my account! ( I didn't even have 100. let alone 148.
1/2 of my stimulus went to these bastards.................I will pay the balance AT A TIME AND AMOUNT OF MY CHOOSING! ( $10.00 per month)
WHen I called Senotors Collins and Snowe to report "ELDER ABUSE, and told COllin's aid that THEY should be paying ME $69. per month
for having to watch di ck cheney...HE roared!
Bottom line I have an art grant. with a july 26 deadline I need paintbrushes and canvass stretchers...I am painting until at night ad have to remove the Tv from my gallery space......... so D tv is directly oppositional to MY FREEDOM TO PURSUE LIFE LIBERTY & HAPPINESS!
SO goodby Keith & Rachael............only option left is Time Warner cable and I don't trust them either! ( THEY DON"T CARRY MSNBC!)
I guess I'll get a lot of artwork done next winter when I am virtually snowed in and can't afford the drool tube!
Thing about TV watching is it leaves my hands free unlike inernet with intimate involement with the keyboard & mouse,
Of course they have to starve we elders out we can't be propagandized by virtue of inablilit y to pay for the propaganda machine! ANd we REMEMBER WHEN TV WAS FREE AND ENTERTAINING! They actually used to pay talent to produce shows! ANd news was a recounting of the days events NOT BLOW!
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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