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Here's how some freepers say they'll be celebrating Earth Hour tonight... [View All]

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Tuvok Obama Donating Member (380 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-28-09 04:05 PM
Original message
Here's how some freepers say they'll be celebrating Earth Hour tonight...
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I intend to turn on all my lights and computers. Oh, and Ill make sure to drive to the store to buy some ice cream.

lady lawyer:

Every light in the house on. Three plasma TVs on even though there are only two of us in the house. The Christmas lights we havent taken off the roof yet on. Also putting out the floods we use to illuminate the house for the holidays, just for the occasion.

Oh yeah, we start up some laundry, and maybe vacuum a little, and cook something.


There are actual people who actually think that turning off the lights for one hour tonight will actually accomplish something. (Yes, LiberConservative, as opposed to turning on every appliance in the house and purposely wasting power.)

al baby:

Im going to have sex with the wife not sure what were going to do with the other 57 minutes


And microwave something too.

I just wish I still had my Christmas lights up.

Winstons Julia:

Computer on? Check.

TV on? Check.

Lights on? Check.

Will be cooking a big meal? Check.

Im such a rebel.

Hey...I could be washing some clothes, too.

If they can get us to volunteer to turn the lights off, itll be that much easier to FORCE us to.


LOL! Those liberals sure are funny!

All lights on tonight!


Just dont forget to leave all your lights on before you leave! (This was is in response to poster "UFC Pride K1" saying, "If its a clear sky, Ill stargaze - living in NYC means we miss out on plenty of awesome sights in the night sky..")


earth hour, do these idiots actually think any of this actually makes a difference . Anyway first I have heard about it but now I do then I will be getting all my outside lights on now and think I'll have a nice outside fire going too. The lunatics haven't taken over my state of florida so no ban for fires here. Be able to smell that fire for quite a distance too


Im dong my bit to remind FReepers so that we can nmake up for the energy saved by the liberals and other socialist @sshats.


We live on a lake and have harbor lights. Theyll be on as well as all other outside and inside lighting. (This "great" grandma's sig-line reads: "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule the people mourn. Proverbs 29;2." Apparently, in the freeper-god's definition of "righteous" is wasting energy, but "the wicked" conserve energy. Nice.)


Spring is here, time to test the engines in all the power equipment. Run the lawn mower, the weed whacker and the leaf blower. Make sure all the outdoor bulbs work.

Its also a good time to check for burned out bulbs around the house. Turn them all on just to make sure.

Dick Bachert:

Going to burn several old tires and an effigy of ALGORE made of creosote soaked cowm manure.


firing up electric heaters, if it gets cold... leaving all my 5 computers and all 5 tvs on 3 TV boxes and another 2 that are also DVRs.

I generaly keep things off to save MONEY( the real green I think about) but tonite I celebrate my independence from the messiah and especially from that waste of real estate...the UN.

may the UN rot...and may the messiah get the bums rush from the SCOTUS for being an alien.......

Red_Devil 232:

We should promote an Anti Earth Hour that will begin at 9:30 pm and last until 9:30 am tomorrow.

Anti Earth Hour is a request for every one to turn on every light, electrical appliance, A/C and Heat units and to start and leave running anything that requires the dreaded gasoline!

The purpose is to keep all the eco-libritards in the dark and cold/heat the rest of the night and morning!

Nowhere Man:

Well, I'll most likely be watching Retro Television Network, "Voyagers!" and "Buck Rogers" are on, they broadcast old TV shows. I just wish I had an old "roundie" (back then, color TV's had round picture tubes) color TV from the 1950's or 1960's, with all those tubes in the set, I can suck down the amps really well. Come to think of it, your plasma TV's suck down about the same amount of power as an old roundie.


I am turning on all my lights, including running the cars with their lights on.


I think I'll turn on both heaters and both air conditioners, and fart around with the thermostats until I get the whole house right at 68 degrees.

Could take until sunrise tomorrow.


Turn on all the lights and blast Iggy Pop and the Stooges up to 11.


Turn on the A/C, open the refrigerator door extra long, turn on ALL the lights, even in rooms I do not normally go into, and keep the computer on while sitting in the next room, watching TV on the big-screen, only getting up to pop more popcorn in the microwane oven.

Yeah, I can celebrate in my own way.

(This next freeper appears to be something of a poet.)


There should be a total blackout in the cities.

That will allow the looters plenty of time to

liberate the items they deserve by being poor.


Lights, fans, computers, all TVs, AC to max

I am all set!

Now, before you go criticizing their grammar and spelling, exercise some liberal compassion and try to remember that freepers are among the least educated and most inbred on the planet. It would be hypocritical of us, as open-minded progressives, to judge them for lifestyle choices that include skipping school so they can have sex with their siblings!
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