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Reply #89: Cotton was king at the time and was the source of [View All]

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GA_ArmyVet Donating Member (304 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-20-09 09:43 PM
Response to Reply #86
89. Cotton was king at the time and was the source of
much of the Nations GDP. Our industrial was just beginning at the time.
The northern industrialist were not poor, but were they did not have the amount or wealth that flowed through the Southern Elite.
Lincoln fought the civil war to preserve the nation. And it was a vastly unpopular war. There were antiwar riots in the NY, and Baltimore protesting the war.

Lincoln himself stated if he could end the war by freeing the slaves he would do that, if he could end by not freeing the slaves he would do that. He simply was stating that the he wished to preserve the Union at any cost. The idea that he freed the slaves at of some moral or just cause is just simply false.

His decision to free the slaves with the emancipation proclamation was tactical decision. One of the souths biggest fears was slave revolt. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the number of slaves was huge, although exact numbers are unknown, it is believe by many that black slaves outnumbered whites in many places. Freeing the slaves in states that were in rebellion opened the door to a possible revolt. Lincoln proclamation was a brilliant tactical move as the south had to keep troops ready to suppress any uprising. The revolt never occurred, at least not in number to be significant. A little know fact with is that the Emancipation Proclamation did not free all of the slaves only in the slave states in rebellion to the Union, which left Maryland, a slave state, but which did not secede from the Union, as one of the last area with legal slavery in the US.

I have studied the Civil War, causes and effects and that is my opinion based on the known facts of the era. The problem with all of this is we are all drawing conclusions based on our own perceptions.

The facts are plain

There was a war.
There was slavery before the war.
There was no slavery after the war.
Prior to the war the states wielded more authority than the Federal government
After the war, the Federal Government wielded supreme authority.

Beyond that you have to make a lot of educated guesses or have the ability to read minds.

Many things led to this conflict, not the least of which was a struggle for control and power. During the war the Souths biggest problem was a lack of industry for weapons production. They had money though, and plenty of it. Lincoln blockade the port cities for precisely that reason, to prevent further sale or trade of cotton for weapons and supplies.

By the end of the war the CSA was broke, unable to produce cotton, or sell it.

And to the betterment of all lost the war.

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