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Reply #49: This is a good idea but if you want to make it self supporting... do it right. [View All]

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corndogg Donating Member (1 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-01-09 04:43 AM
Response to Original message
49. This is a good idea but if you want to make it self supporting... do it right.
I've thought of a very similar idea that could probably be made into a self sustaining (economically) online database / website but I think you would be wise to:

A. Make it an independent and non-partisian entity that gathers the advertiser / sponsor info on any number of controversial media outlets. If you are going to politisize advertising then go whole hog and do it across the spectrum... why?... because I think that people will take you more seriously if you don't try to play favorites but just try to present the info. I also think that in doing this you will find a lot more puffery, false indignation, and hot air in the far right media regarding these media issues and that this will give a chance for everyone to put up or shut up... but people have to take you seriously first and not think you are trying to game the system in any way.

B. Have left wing a volunteer watch half an hour of Fox News... have right wing volunteers watch half an hour of CNN (if that's what they think is bad) and then send you a list of the commercials in all the major markets or cable tv (lets say there are 10 or such major markets) which tend to run more national advertising than the B and C market stuff like for instance Omaha, NE.

Local advertising is really a different kettle of fish... sometimes a local business doesn't have a lot of choices where to advertise... but large nation-wide companies have more choices and should be held accountable for where they are spending. You need to have a large number of users to keep this idea going and I think it's just as valid to have a list of advertisers from the New York Times to search through as a list from the Rush Limbaugh show. A user may want to patronize from one list and boycott from another. Don't concern yourself with who is using what information for what... just present as much info as you think people want to know about and hope that the people from all sides want to use the site to help keep it something that can be financially self sustainable.

C. Consider having some sort of alternative advertisers next to the lists that are generated such as an advertiser in the same catagory with the opposite "rating" or a "neutral rating" coming up next to an advertiser on Show X... and make sure the lists are searchable... before I buy a car I might want to go to your site... click a box next to 6 wingnut tv / radio shows and do a search to see how many times a certain car company advertises on said shows.

D. Try to tie in printable coupons or discounts / deals straight from your site so that with information in hand... people can make a choice right then and there to purchase X or print a coupon for X so that the info immediate and useful.

E. Think about the possibility of licensing these politisized "advertiser ratings" down the road to other web sites like a good housekeeping seal of approval or such.

If you see this as an opportunity to add transparency to the media landscape... sunshine to the shadows... and not just as a feel-good preaching to the choir thing and then YOU may end up the one in charge of this little guest house on the 4th estate instead of Murdoch and Co.

Good Luck!

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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