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Reply #40: I would like to see more focus on the RNC itself [View All]

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starroute Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-22-07 04:53 PM
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40. I would like to see more focus on the RNC itself
I've posted some of this on various threads in the last few days, but here are more dots to connect. The short version is that the attorney firings, the White House use of RNC emails to cover their tracks, and the theft of the 2004 election are all ultimately a single story -- with the same people and groups appearing over and over in slightly different relationships.

1) Ed Gillespie was RNC chair from 2003 to 2005, in which role he oversaw a variety of disreputable campaign activities. Among other things, Gillespie was active in complaining about Democratic soft money groups in the fall of 2003 and in trying to tie the Democrats directly to the CBS memo story in 2004. It may be significant that Gillespie had known Karl Rove for many years, his wife having first met Rove when they worked on a campaign together in 1984.

2) The Republican National Committee was a client of Creative Response Concepts -- a PR agency run by longtime right-winger Greg Mueller. (The Swift Boat Veterans and their publisher, Regnery, were also clients of CRC.) Mueller is a long-time associate of Brent Bozell, whose Cybercast News Service, another client of Creative Response Concepts, was centrally involved in promoting the CBS memo story. CNS, in turn, had originally been founded by Scott Hogenson, who was the RNC director of radio services while Gillespie was chair.

3) Bob Ney -- Jack Abramoff crony and co-sponsor of HAVA -- was the chair of the Committee on House Administration, which worked to block touchscreen voting integrity legislation. After Gillespie complained about the Democratic soft money groups, Ney's committee held hearing on them which were widely considered a partisan witchhunt. Ney was also on the executive committee of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which was yet another client of CRC.

4) Jim Dyke, a protege of Ed Gillespie's, was RNC press secretary in 2002 and communications director in 2003-04. In that position, he was behind such antics as the Kerry-dolphins-flipflop site. After the 2004 election, Dyke became a cofounder of the American Center for Voting Rights, a "voter fraud" astroturf group pushing voter ID laws, which was quickly called to testify before Ney's Committee on House Administration.

5) Timothy Griffin -- the Rove crony appointed to be US Attorney in Arkansas -- was a junior colleague of Jim Dyke's at the RNC and involved with him in such matters as the John Kerry haircut flap.

6) Thor Hearn -- the counsel to Jim Dyke's ACVR -- had previously been worked for the 2000 and 2004 Bush campaigns and had been involved in voter fraud claims in both Missouri and Ohio. He was also general counsel to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, who a recent article tells us was intended to be protected from investigation by the appointment of Timothy Griffin.

7) There's also the matter of Sproul & Associates, a firm tied to the RNC which was alleged to have been involved in 2004 campaign dirty tricks.

In Nevada, Voter Outreach of America is accused by former employees of shredding the registration forms of thousands of Democrats; in West Virginia, Voter Outreach of America employees say they were instructed to mislead voters into registering Republican and voting for Bush; in Oregon, yet another swing state, the state attorney general has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that Sproul's firm, which is Voter Outreach of America's parent company, was involved in intentionally destroying or discarding voter registration forms signed by Democrats. According to, Sproul's firm received $125,000 this year from the Republican National Committee for voter registration and another $500,000 for "political consulting." . . .

Sproul's dirty tricks may have finally caught up with him, though far from his stomping grounds in Arizona. In Oregon, Sproul's firm is being investigated by the state attorney general and could face a class-C felony, punishable by five years in jail, for allegedly altering and destroying voter registration forms. And in Nevada, state election officials have just launched an investigation into whether Sproul's Voters Outreach of America destroyed the registration forms of exclusively Democratic voters.

On Wednesday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe wrote a letter to his Republican counterpart, Ed Gillespie, demanding that the Republican National Committee detail its involvement with Sproul's alleged voter fraud. "We are deeply concerned these reports of Republican National Committee funded felonious activities in these states could serve to discourage all voters from voting because of concerns of problems with their ballot," McAuliffe wrote. "Regardless of party or candidate, it is the civic and moral duty of both parties to encourage complete and full participation in the democratic process."

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