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JackRiddler Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-02-09 11:07 AM
Response to Reply #79
85. Oh, this is good...
I don't care how many past White House criminals have gotten away with their crimes in the course of US history. We all know that. When does it end? Fitzgerald was not asked to look into Teapot Dome, he was charged with investigating possible Bush regime crimes relating to Plame. This is probably the most criminal and openly lawless regime in more than even your "167 years." (Actually, I remember a regime less than 35 years ago being forced to resign for lesser crimes than what the Ashcroft-appointed REPUBLICAN Fitzgerald had in front of him to pursue at the outset of his inconclusive two-year distraction.)

The Plame case led to the Niger forgeries and the hundreds of lies and deceptions practiced in setting up an unprovoked war of aggression and genocide condemned by most of the world. Just on the campaign to destroy Wilson and Plame, indictments could have been brought against Armitage, Rove, and, if Fitzgerald had dared to *start* with them as well as Libby, many others. If he wasn't ready to dare, he should have refused the appointment. (Apparently he has no problems engaging in ill-considered public grandstanding against a garden-variety small-time governor-thief like Blago, perhaps in compensation for the kow-tow he did tho the Bush mob.) Fuck him and the two years of wasted energy and hopes he inspired among the naive on the left and in the antiwar crowd.

Clinton was never "brought down," by the way. I've got nothing against perjury charges -- as additions to the charges of treason that were actually relevant in the Bush case.

As to your Fitzmas cheerleading -- please disclose if you have any relevant relationship or conflict of interest here -- the upshot apparently is that one has to be a US Attorney to criticize one. Would I have to take on a career at the DMV to have the right to criticize the guy who handles my drivers' license? If Fitz is making such a sacrifice for public service, when he could instead be a millionaire playboy or whatever you imagine for him, still he is required to serve credibly or make way for someone who might.

On to Blago. Now show me where I say "Blago's completely innocent." How dare you? Really.

Blago's a small-potatoes operator practicing business as usual within a system of routine and in fact required corruption. Based alone on the Senate seat-for-sale scandal that has been most covered in his case, what's unusual about him is that he spoke too openly about how the system works in a brutal, vulgar fashion. If he had used better code words and come from a more genteel class of person like Caroline Kennedy, he'd have gotten away with it.

Very few politicians get anywhere without playing the one-dollar, one-vote system, and while I'm all for hauling in anyone who breaks the law, the only cure for this will be to establish public campaign finance.

(Mark as irony: On the whole, I'm happy for Illinois and its relatively effective law enforcement. Putting three governors in the slammer for corruption puts them three ahead of most other states. This example probably needs to be followed, not decried.)

Anyway, your genius Fitzgerald - the Republican - apparently arrested a state governor before having the full case ready. I'm sure he's smarter than a lot of people, as you say, but smart is often just the means for doing stupid on a higher level. Also known as hubris.
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