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Reply #406: I LOVE this whopper of a LIE from Roberts: [View All]

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stopbush Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-25-08 01:42 PM
Response to Reply #344
406. I LOVE this whopper of a LIE from Roberts:
Edited on Tue Nov-25-08 01:58 PM by stopbush
"Unlike Oswald, who failed to qualify on the rifle range in Boot Camp, and who barely qualified "Marksman"-the lowest of three grades-on a later try, I was a trained and combat-experienced Marine sniper."

So, Oswald failed on the rifle range IN BOOT CAMP. Gee, I'll bet he failed to make up his bed to the standard where a quarter could be bounced off it as well IN BOOT CAMP.

See, Mr Roberts, what comes during and AFTER Boot Camp is what's called MILITARY TRAINING. That TRAINING includes what is called target PRACTICE. Oswald spent 3.5 YEARS in the USMC. He attained the ranking of SHARPSHOOTER on his first test, MARKSMAN on a later test.

Ultimately, Roberts is LYING about Oswald's shooting skills. The ratings for shooters in the USMC was "marksman - sharpshooter - expert." In December, 1956, Oswald was tested and scored 212, which was 2 points over the minimum needed to qualify as a SHARPSHOOTER. A sharpshooter is a step ABOVE a Marksman. In 1959, Oswald was retested and scored lower, qualifying only as a marksman. The disparity of his scores was evaluated by a Lt Col AG Folsom, Jr, and a Major Anderson, who concluded:

"I would say that compared to other Marines receiving the same type of training, that Oswald was a good shot, somewhat better or equal to - better than the average let us say. As compared to a civilian who had not received this intensive training, he would be considered a good to excellent shot."

Yet, to make his case that Oswald was a poor shot, Roberts OMITS any mention of Oswald qualifying as a sharpshooter in 1956 and mentions only his "later score" where he scored worse. Funny that, as Oswald's higher score was attained close to his Boot Camp days while his lower score came near the end of his time in the USMC.

Just another CT nut selectively cherry picking information to make his wacky point seem true.

It's called LYING.

On edit: after leaving the USMC, Oswald became an avid hunter. His weapon of choice was a bolt-action rifle. He even joined a hunting club during his time in Russia. His wife, Marina, testified that she saw Oswald leave the house with the stated goal of doing target practice with the rifle used in the assassination. She also reports watching him as he sat on their porch, siting the rifle and operating the bolt. The cartridge cases found in the TBD exhibited evidence that they "had been previously loaded and ejected from the assassination rifle, which would indicate that Oswald practiced operating the bolt" (Source: WCR - pgs 192-93)
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