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Reply #379: If this bullet was planted on the stretcher, then when was it fired from Oswald's rifle? [View All]

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stopbush Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-24-08 06:11 PM
Response to Reply #372
379. If this bullet was planted on the stretcher, then when was it fired from Oswald's rifle?
Edited on Mon Nov-24-08 06:39 PM by stopbush
The ballistics test to Oswald's rifle perfectly matched CE 399. That means CE 399 was fired from Oswald's rifle. If CE 399 was planted (ie: not fired during the assassination), then it had to have been fired from Oswald's rifle before the assassination or while in police custody after being found post-assassination.

But there's a bigger problem with your fantasy - how did lead fragments from CE 399 end up in Connally's wrist and leg if the bullet didn't enter Connally during the shooting? Did some conspirator scrape off a few fragments and embed them in Connally while he was recovering in hospital? Did LBJ scrape off the fragments and implant them in Connally before the assassination?

Sound likely? Sound logical? Didn't think so.

BTW - comparatively speaking, an unfired, pristine round has no rifling on its sides. CE 399 has rifling, and it matches Oswald's rifle.

Let me quote a source who asks a few good and logical questions:

"Anybody who wants to posit that CE 399 was faked and planted by conspirators needs to supply plausible answers to all of the following questions. Why did the conspirators:

1. Plant it in a location where it could easily have been lost?
2. Plant a bullet that was only "slightly" damaged if its role was to have passed through at least the President? Why not shoot up some livestock and get a bullet a bit more mangled?
3. Plant it before it could have been known how many other bullets would be recovered? How could they have known that CE 399 would not be the "one bullet too many" that would blow the whole plot?
4. Plant the bullet so it was found before it was known how much lead was in JFK's neck/upper back? What if a big chunk of lead was found in JFK's neck or upper back, a chunk too big to have come from CE 399?

Source: Adopted from a post by John Canal on alt.assassination.jfk

More here:

As far as the "pristine" bullet not being able to do all the damage it did, the pristine results have been duplicated in test by Dr John Lattimer ( "Experimental Duplication of the Important Physical Evidence of the Lapel Bulge of the Jacket Worn by Governor Connally When Bullet 399 Went Through Him" by John K. Lattimer, M.D., et al,in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, May 1994. The article describes an experiment which supplies the most complete verification of the Single Bullet Theory yet performed.]

"By duplicating the wound to the neck of President Kennedy, which
caused bullet 399 to turn sideways, and having it *then* hit a
Connally-type rib cage with shirt and jacket, we reproduced the
right-sided bulge of the jacket worn by Connally, with lapel
eversion, which is so significant in frame 224. The extensive
damage to his shirtfront was from the hail of rib fragments and
soft tissue, exactly as described with his own shirt. Our tumbling
bullet then went on to fracture a radius and be recovered intact
except that it was somewhat flattened and bent and had lead
extruded from the rear, as did bullet 399. Fragments of this lead
were scraped off on the ragged bone-ends of some of our fractured
radiuses, just as with Governor Connally's radius. It is believed
that this duplication of the jacket and lapel bulge of Governor
Connally, which occurred dependably, when we reproduced the
circumstances at Dallas, confirmed this very important detail in
this technical demonstration of the findings in the shooting of
President Kennedy and Governor Connally."

More here:
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