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Reply #338: You wish to end the dialogue, fine, but do yourself a favor and [View All]

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stopbush Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-24-08 12:28 PM
Response to Reply #334
338. You wish to end the dialogue, fine, but do yourself a favor and
read a bit of the evidence to counter the myths you hold so dear.

As a parting shot, you inject a NEW myth into the discussion, a myth used by O Stone in his fictional account of that day: the myth that Oswald was a poor shot. In fact, the USMC RECORDS show that Oswald attained the ranking of MARKSMAN, scoring 49 out of 50 and 48 out of 50 in shots to a target resembling the shoulder and head area of a human being at 200 yards. IIRC, the kill shot to JFK's limo was 88 yards, well within Oswald's marksman range.

As far as discounting the opinions of the Parkland doctors, nobody has any reason to believe that they would lie, but nobody has ever said that they were experts in examining gunshots wounds, either. People do make mistakes, especially in the heat of the moment. The "initial report" of where the bullet entered JFK's back was disproved by the autopsy photos. Who ya gonna believe, the photos or the doctors opinions, opinions offered in a stressful situation? (Go ahead, tell me the autopsy photos were doctored).

As far as CE 399 ricocheting out of JFK's throat - why do you say it would "have to hit bone?" Did you just make that up?

As far as the damage to CE 399 - well, at least you're now admitting that it wasn't near pristine. That's progress. The point is that there WAS damage to the bullet, and that lead FROM CE 399 was lodged in Connally's wrist. It is a FACT that the ballistics test bullet fired from Oswald's rifle was an exact match to CE 399. Are you going to posit that CE 399 was fired from Oswald's gun BEFORE the assassination so it could be planted on that Parkland stretcher by...who? Brian Doyle Murray?

The truth is - and I'd hope we're all interested in the truth - is that I "have a theory" that is grounded in the evidence, while you have a "theory" that is in direct contradiction to the evidence. My theory requires only the evidence and a LOGICAL, STANDARD reading of the evidence to reach a conclusion.

Your theory, on the other hand, requires a Deus ex machina that would make a religionist blush while serving as a major plot device for the cheapest of dime store novels.

Enjoy your fantasies...but they are just that, fantasies.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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