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Reply #246: Brilliant. So I'll Include This. [View All]

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Mark D. Donating Member (420 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-23-08 01:24 PM
Response to Reply #80
246. Brilliant. So I'll Include This.
Edited on Sun Nov-23-08 01:29 PM by Mark D.
There was another thread where those who questioned the 'official story' were spoken badly of, a few times. I posted this and it is relevant here. Who really killed JFK? Or who we think did. My personal opinion? I cooperative effort from a few sources. He wanted to scale down Vietnam. The Military Industrial Complex his predecessor warned us about (just before he left office, probably so not sooner as he'd not be allowed to finish his term if he did, and he knew it, after all, Eisenhower was a former General) thus had a beef. When MLK talked about the biggest protest is US history, in DC, to end Vietnam, notice what happened shortly after.

The CIA screw up, partly due to the Bush/Nazi involvement in it. Kennedy fell out of favor and vise-versa. He had help from the Mafia getting elected, though not his own choice to, and he also was Catholic. So the Vatican/Romanists may have had issues. Their violent faction, the Jesuits, did their work. The head of the Secret Service on duty for his motorcade who called off the guard who was supposed to watch him most closely (and if you see the video, you see he raised his hands three times in disgust like 'WTF? Why are you telling me to get off the motorcade, I'm supposed to protect the President?') was Jesuit trained. You find this often in history.

So are several on the SCOTUS who helped push Bush upon us in 2000. But the biggest elephant of all was his desire to scale back or eliminate the Federal Reserve. I detail that more below in what I've copied and pasted. Quick Tip, look up 'secret service JFK' on YouTube to see the video of the 'stand down' order and the anger from the agent that he was being told NOT to protect the president. The very agent who would have seen Oswald's bullet hit JFK's neck (not the bullet that killed him), and probably ran and dived upon JFK to prevent the other Manchurian Candidate involved (besides Oswald) the grassy knoll shooter GHW Bush equipped from shooting him in the forehead.

Folks need to remember, every president killed in office except McKinley was in some way against that system of elite control. JFK, Harding, Garfield, Lincoln, almost Andrew Jackson. Even Teddy Roosevelt was shot by a 'lone lunatic gunman' after a speech (he survived that) later in his life. OK, let's see who he pissed off. The first target of his anti-trust actions against monopolies was JP Morgan. See below, for his role in things. Money can buy anything, all the manchurian candidates they want. Another video worth viewing is about the assassination of JFK Jr. on Google Video. It explains in clear logic why the Bush Nazi's continued the work generationally.


"It's NOT Tinfoil Hat."

I constantly have problems with the far right John Birch folks who demonise progressives. I constantly do battle against their radical anti-choice views and favoring the privatization of everything and trust in a totally unregulated market. They are compounds-full-of-ammo living, self-centered nuts, most often. But I have to say I agree with their views of the fallacy of this debt-based monetary system.

At its core is the Federal Reserve, IMF and other usury based tools to gain control of resources and control populations with endless debt and for-profit wars. They are on point with reservations over the head of a private banking cabal that controls the currency of a nation (that could/should issue its own money, without the debt, as Andrew Jackson did, almost being taken out by the European bankers for doing it, as Lincoln and Garfield - opponents of the Fed idea, were, and critic of the Fed, set on closing it down, JFK was also).

This is not tinfoil hat. I constantly am embarrassed by everything from stories of 'reptilians' to distrust of govt. for anything but defense and infrastructure. Go to Google Videos (it won't break it up the way You Tube does) and look up the 47 minute 'Money As Debt'. Then see the 3 1/2 hour 'The Money Changers' video. They are full of historical data, and economic reality. There is no 'conspiracy theory' crap in them.

Warburg, financier along with Rothschild, of both sides of WW1, and Schiff, financier of the overthrow of the Russian Czar, helped craft the Federal Reserve after the most destructive banker in US history (and the most powerful) JP Morgan set the ground work for it with the scare of 1907 he helped create, to 'protect us from another such downfall in the market' that actually empowered them to allow the Great Depression to happen, consolidating thousands of banks into the hands of a few, and looting billions of dollars from the bottom 90% to the top 1%, especially the top .001% those elite are in.

Morgan is the largest energy speculator, thus largely responsible for the huge uptick in gas prices we are only now recovering from. Morgan's Hedge Funds are the largest catalyst in the sub-prime debacle that cooperative GOP ilk like Gramm and McCain helped make possible in deregulation. This is all actual history. Don't shrug it off.

The last president ever to pay off the entire national debt was Andrew Jackson, and only because he got rid of a private bank issuing our capital. The idea of an executive there running the treasury is no better than Paulson, the former executive of what? A private bank, running things. Only the Fed is bigger and done lots more damage to the United States than Goldman Sachs.
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