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Reply #29: I just want to point out the overlap of the Mob and CIA in anti-Castro assassination plots: [View All]

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AntiFascist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-22-08 06:08 PM
Response to Reply #10
29. I just want to point out the overlap of the Mob and CIA in anti-Castro assassination plots:
In the Church Committee report:

III. B. Cuba 1. The Assassination Plots (c) Use of Underworld Figures: Phase II (Post-Bay of pigs) (82)

III. B. 3. (b) (i) (7) c. 1962 (129) (1) Did President Kennedy Learn Anything About Assassination Plots as a Result of the FBI Investigation of Giancana and Rosselli (129)

III. B. 3. (b) (iii) (2) a. The October Meeting with AM/LASH and the Use of Robert Kennedys Name Without Obtaining His Approval (174)

IV. Findings and Conclusions (255) A. 6. CIA Officials Made Use of Known Underworld Figures in Assassination Efforts (256)

IV. C. 1. The Apparent Lack of Accountability in the Command and Control System Was Such That the Assassination Plots Could Have Been Undertaken Without Express Authorization (261)

Schweiker was more blunt, saying that the Warren Commission had "collapsed like a house of cards," and that the Kennedy assassination investigation was "snuffed out before it began" by "senior intelligence officials who directed the coverup." The Schweiker-Hart Report focused on evidence and allegations that Castro was behind the JFK assassination, but also uncovered indications that these were part of a frame-up.


So, who killed JFK?...One clue is the pre-assassination events which served, after the assassination, to focus blame on Fidel Castro - particularly the impersonation of Oswald in Mexico City. Far from showing Castro's guilt, this is a red flag pointing in the direction of those who despised JFK for his perceived inaction on Cuba. Some of the earliest researchers focused their suspicions on the coalition of Cuban exiles, mob members, and CIA officers who conspired to eliminate Fidel Castro. Many of the circumstantial leads, and indeed confessions of guilt, still lie in that direction.

CIA files declassified in the 1990s provide tantalizing clues in regards to the compartmentalization of knowledge about Oswald and actions which would later be used to spin the "Communist assassin" angle. Oswald's records were tightly held in James Angleton's CounterIntelligence division, shielded from other parts of the CIA - which were fed false information. Legendary CIA propaganda artist David Phillips recurs in this story in unexplained ways, as do others involved in the CIA-Mafia plots, such as Johnny Roselli.

The old adage "someone would have talked" may not apply to professional killers and sophisticated organizations. The Church Committee, with full Congressional backing and subpoena power, was still unable to get to the bottom of some basic questions about the plots to kill Fidel Castro, including the simple question of whether Presidents Eisenhower or Kennedy actually authorized them. The Committee ran into a system of "plausible deniability," cut-outs, and need-to-know information handling that made that task simply impossible. If it weren't for this unusual Committee, CIA plots to murder Castro might still be regarded as a "conspiracy theory."

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