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Reply #5: Why do we ALWAYS pay for CEO screw-ups? WHY? [View All]

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HughBeaumont Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-14-08 02:59 PM
Response to Original message
5. Why do we ALWAYS pay for CEO screw-ups? WHY?
Go ahead, assholes. Lay people off in droves. You know, because THATs certainly going to help things.

Gawd FORBID the rich and the companies they ruin don't see to make US pay for their fuck-ups and simply RIDE bad times out like the rest of us have to do. Gawd FORBID the people who couldn't outspend their fortunes if they tried actually (perish the THOUGHT! I NEED my mansions!) make sacrifices. Gawd FORBID layoffs aren't like what our blue-collar brothers had . . . where you were idled with at least SOME of your pay and actually got called BACK when times got better (this is something my dad couldn't conceive when I got laid off from a job . . . that it was permanent, I wasn't going back and I had no safety net in the meantime).

To add insult to beatdown, the wealthy now plunder phantom dollars we don't have so they can continue to retain their lottery-esque fortunes and buy luxury items on our dime. How and WHY are we not storming the gated communities?

You want this economy to get better?

Employ us. GAINfully. Stop the goddamned mass firings. Firings are not helping. Firings in even one company will cause the rest of us not to spend. We're not buying anything because we're tapped out and scared. Scared people are not good for your business. You buying luxury items, like other companies, and firing all of your workers does not help the economy. I don't know what sort of clue-by-four needs to be administered to your heads, but you need to have one soon.

Also, don't toss this "lower my taxes" bullshit at us. I don't pretend that empty wallet is going to get filled with lower taxes. It will get filled by a raise. It will be spent with a raise. Multiply this by 200 million, and you got yourself an economy again.

You know, like how it USED to work from the 30s through the early 70s . . . before Stagflation, and "trickle up", and the multiple recessions and market collapses that followed.

But hey, just ignore me. I'm only talking common sense here. Continue to go about your stupid-ass way of doing things and watch as the country turns into one big Lorain, Ohio. All because you all just can't kick your unfeeling addictions to greed and superiority. All because you just can't have any smidgen of potential exist where someone might reach the top of your panoptic mountain.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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