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Reply #1: "This analysis presumes a 'fraud free election' and predicts a 'true vote landslide' "-Peace Patriot [View All]

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tiptoe Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-29-08 10:49 AM
Response to Original message
1. "This analysis presumes a 'fraud free election' and predicts a 'true vote landslide' "-Peace Patriot
Keep those caveats in mind. This election is already fraud-ridden--with tens of thousands of registered voters unfairly purged, in Georgia, Ohio and other places. Further, it will be tabulated, everywhere, by 'TRADE SECRET,' PROPRIETARY programming code, owned and controlled by rightwing Bushite corporations, with virtually no audit/recount controls.

This gives the three major election theft corporations--Diebold ("Premier"), ES&S and Sequoia--all with close ties to the Republican Party, one of them (Diebold) whose CEO was a Bush-Cheney campaign chair, and another, its spinoff corp, ES&S, with nutball extremist 'christian' ties--enormous power which can be used brutally, to outright steal any election in the country, including the presidential election, or subtly, say to shape and mold Congress to serve the rightwing agenda (done quite successfully in '06).

Here's my prediction: Obama is so popular, and the people of this country are so overwhelmingly fed up and hungry for change, that the Corpo/Fascist dragons who rule over us will not risk denying him victory. If they do, they will lose their election theft machines for future purposes (and don't kid yourself that they don't have long term plans). So they will let him win, is my guess, but they significantly shave his mandate (the pre-written narrative for this is already in play) as part of a strategy to limit the "damage" that a true representative of the people in the White House might do to Corpo/Fascist power. They also will VERY LIKELY inflict him with a Puke/'Blue Dog'-infested Congress (like the present one). They have already tied his hands--as to any kind of "New Deal" for the American people--by the financial 9/11 that the Bushwhacks just pulled off. I think they have in mind a short and tumultuous Obama term in office, with the Corpo/Fascist 'news' monopolies blaming Obama and "the liberals" for all the troubles that we may see, and they will then install someone possibly worse than Bush and Cheney in 2012.

The latter part of the above scenario is NOT a prediction, but rather what I see as the possible game plan of those who are looting us, and who now have near 100% non-transparent control of our voting system. I think they WILL shave Obama's mandate, and WILL produce a retro-Congress, and they certainly have brought the mighty twin towers of the U.S. economy--banking and trade--straight down in piles of rubble and dust. But what happens NEXT is up to us, not them. And here's what we must do to prevent their game plan from playing out...

1. First and foremost, we must--WE MUST!--restore transparent vote counting!

2. We must also undo all the purging of the voter rolls, and re-enfranchise all of our citizens; and work hard on other aspects of our democratic institutions, for instance, the news media.

3. And we must pull together! Germany fell prey to Hitler in the 1930s due to the inability of the center-left to govern a country suffering catastrophic financial ruin. We are a far different country than Germany was; still, the parallels are haunting. This means that we MUST avoid the fractiousness that is so tempting to leftists. We must realize how much danger this country is in, and how much danger our political leaders are in, after eight years of extremely damaging rule by this fascist coup. Obama is not a magician. And his leadership will be no better, and no worse, than our citizenship. PULL TOGETHER!

Full commentary by Peace Patriot:

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