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Diclotican Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-08 08:46 PM
Response to Reply #18
24. Cresent City Kid
Cresent City Kid

At this point in my life, I would find a Partnership, the most important for a gay couple. What come in the future I do not know.. Maybe in a decade or two times I would accept the idea of a gay couple get a regular, traditional marriage as I would have it, when I marriage my self... But at this point in my life I have to say, that an registered partnership, is as far as I can possible stretch it.. Are I am a bad person because I just can't accept that same sex partners get an traditional marriage?.. i do not know..I hope I am not an bad people.. But I would rather take it slowly, and got there in time, than to rush it and get a backlash.. It is not that long ago, the whole concept of gay was illegal if most country in the West.. Thankfully we have coming a far way longer into the future.. 30-35 year ago, it was an illness to be gay in my country. You could be send to a mental institution if you was openly gay.. Thankfully that is not the case today.. Thankfully we as humans have evolved somehow..

I do not care if two grown up people decide to live and to care with each other, even if they are same sex. And if they want to act as man and wife that is ok for my.. It should be their legal right to do it. And an Partnership would be good enough. We can have a sermon, where they promise to care for each other.. Love each other - and when they become old, in heritage each other.. Tis is something I have not a objection about. What two grown up, consenting people are doing behding closed door, in their bedrom, is something I, am every one else have no interst in.. Even if it against what we belive in... If that make us a sinner, then I am a sinner.. If that I have some objection against it, then I maybe is a sinner.. I have just to hope, that my action are not that bad, and that when my time would came are in the position to say, that I was trying to live my life as best I could posible do. And that I have not made to mutch error in my life.. That is my hope, in the end..

What I have a objection about, is the Fraze MARRIAGE. I still believe that to be an institution, made by man and woman, and also an holy institution.. And not to be played with.. A Partnership, between same sex couple I have no worry about. They can after the sermon, claim to be married but the Symbol of Marriage I still believe is an institution who are somewhat for the moment out of reach for gay couple.. yes I am maybe out of my league here. I am maybe full of sin here.. But I have to say, that is what I feel about it..

The important for the moment, is to make accept that gay people can get an partnership, and that same sex couple can be treated as equal in the aye of the law.. In to many country gay couple is still treated as second class people who are been harassed and treated bad, by the same folks who claim to be christians.. And that is some hing I feel very sorry about by the way...


Sorry my bad english, not my native language
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