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Reply #59: Two great crashes, one surviving United Slaves of America [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-23-08 08:03 PM
Response to Reply #17
59. Two great crashes, one surviving United Slaves of America
A bit more on what we're up against:

Two great crashes, one surviving United Slaves of America

By Ben Tanosborn
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Sep 23, 2008, 00:12

First, it was the foreign policy crash of 2001. Yes, that much-milked by Bush 9/11 which instead of serving as wake up call to review and remedy Americas deplorable policies towards the peoples of the Middle East, only provided the Bush administration with a presumed casus belli as well as a raison-dtre for both the neocon empire-building and the economic sacking of the nation by an unscrupulous elite. Now, we all know the cost and results of replacing a call to reason with a call to arms.


Give me Capitalism, or give me Death! That seems to be the droning chant in America; one that long ago replaced what Patrick Henry is attributed to have said, as libertys great luster quickly dulled and became money-matte as greed and gluttony are allowed to roam free, without appropriate restraints. And sure enough, as our capitalism has become more expropriatory, greedy, cruel and predatory, we have been brainwashed to feel we have no choice but to learn to live with it. Its our country, our way of life . . . and Gods will being done here on earth. Americans have rationalized the suppression of two capital sins, insisting that the number ought to be five, not seven. After all, isnt greed really the basis for capitalism, and consumerism (gluttony) the way we measure well-being and success in todays society?

Quickly, very quickly, its becoming vividly clear that our much-touted American Dream is metamorphosing into an economic nightmare, one taking place right before our eyes. Another gilded epoch in America is quickly coming to an end; this time, however, its exit appears to be of the farewell-forever kind, as our nation no longer looms so vast and overpowering, economically, before the rest of the world.


If Japans economic crisis of 1989-1992, one with repercussions lingering to date, is a close model to the economic fiasco now in the US, we can expect the Dow 500 going down to the 6,500 level within a year or so, and remain there for the next decade. As for real estate folks, their flipping will not be of houses, but hamburgers.

God help us all! We have had two crashes within one decade: in foreign policy and in the economy. We, small-case demos, have become the United Slaves of America!

Thank you, democracy1st! I like your moniker, my Friend!
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