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Reply #13: Gaeton Fonzi, investigator for the House Select Comm on Assassinations, found evidence of conspiracy [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-10-08 07:39 PM
Response to Reply #9
13. Gaeton Fonzi, investigator for the House Select Comm on Assassinations, found evidence of conspiracy
Fonzi found the President's clothing to be critical evidence of conspiracy.

Wish that more people were aware of his work for the Congress' investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy in the mid-1970s.

For instance, one big thing most people I've spoken with on the subject have no idea
the guy who came up with the "magic bullet theory"
is now a sitting Senator from Pennsylvania.

Arlen Specter attempting to demonstrate the possibility of the single bullet theory.

Reply From a Conspiracy Believer

by Gaeton Fonzi


However, actual photographs of Kennedys jacket and shirt which were not in the Warren Commission Report but released as supplemental evidence by the FBI indicate exactly where the bullet entered his back. The holes in both the jacket and shirt were almost six inches from the top of the collars, and well below the so-called exit wound in Kennedys throat.

Specter attempted to explain this discrepancy by pointing out that Kennedy was waving to the crowd when he was hit and that gesture led both the jacket and shirt to ride up his back and double over. I pointed out that both Kennedys jacket and shirt were tailored tightly and, if they both became rolled up by his waving, wouldnt they each have two bullet holes in them?

At that point, Specter became uncharacteristically nervous and began to stammer a bit. Suddenly he jumped from his chair behind his desk and quickly came behind me, grabbed my arm and began waving it. See, he said, see how your jacket rides up? See... well, it doesnt do it much in your case but it normally it does.

Was Specter saying there was no inconsistency between the Commissions location of the wound and the holes in the clothing?

Specters exact response, including his hesitancies, as recorded: No, not at all. That gave us a lot of concern. First time we lined up the shirt...after all, we lined up the shirt....and the hole in the shirt is right about, right about the knot of the tie, came right about here in a slit in the front....

But, I asked, where in the back did it hit Kennedy?

Well, the back hole, when the shirt is laid down, comes....aah....well, I forget exactly where it came, but it certainly wasnt higher, enough higher to...aah....understand the....aah....the angle of decline which....

Was it lower? Was it lower in the slit in the front?

Well, I think that....that if you took the shirt without allowing for its being pulled up, that it would either have been in line or somewhat lower.

Somewhat lower?

Perhaps. I....I dont want to say because I dont really remember....

Dont really remember? The man who was responsible for developing the theory that would keep the whole Warren Commission Report afloat says in 1966, about crucial evidence relating to that theory, I dont really remember? I couldnt believe I was listening to the bumbling, evasive efforts of a former member of the Yale Debating Team. What Specter was admitting was that the Single Bullet Theory was not really even a probability, it was a possibility!


Interesting times.
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