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Reply #104: Sheppard pratt??!! OMG that explains alot. [View All]

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-04-08 11:05 PM
Response to Original message
104. Sheppard pratt??!! OMG that explains alot.
Edited on Mon Aug-04-08 11:14 PM by undergroundpanther
WTF,no wonder the incompetence. Sheppard is one of the most lax incompetent,money grubbing,full of shit,bully staffed,toxic psych places I have ever been stuck in.

That place is full of fraud and incompetent shrinks,and mind games.How do I know? I was there,I know people there. I have seen competent,compassionate new staff leave Sheppard , because of all the bullshit,abuses,incompetence and palm greasing and backroom deals going on there.I have heard the therapists ranting about how fucked up Sheppard Pratt is.
Sheppard tried to mix violent offenders in with the regular population,Two I know of personally were disasters.One ended up in murder.I knew the staff who was killed and she was the most abusive mean asshole to patients I was glad to see her leave the program I was at. She went to mount Airy house and a guy with a violent history there killed her, it was in the news and all..No doubt it was his violent tendancies classhing with her fucking asshole personality.

The other assault was on my best friend on a unit I was on.This bully asshole came into my room, I told him to get out, than he tried to assault me ,but I fought him stared him down and ,he backed off.I walked past him,he began to threaten my friend a small built guy,walking down the hall,as I ran to get staff to help contain the situation. By the time I returned with staff who blew off my warnings about this violent patient,as not important..They moseyed out the nurses station, it took them 15 minutes to even walk out the damn door, and investigate what I was so urgent about.They seemed to not even care ,until they saw my friend was being pummeled and was bleeding from the same violent asshole that had tried to assault me in my room.Then I guess they were worried about legal consequences..That got them doing their fucking job.

There are other incidents of where Sheppard staff minimized the risk violent offenders posed to the community and to patients..besides these two.

Sheppard Pratt generally seems to not get it that people with violent histories really are a danger and risk to others.I cannot tell you how many times I was endangered,other patients were endangered because unit staff and doctors social workers,therapists all of them were so oblivious to the risk people with violent histories pose to other patients and the community at large..Sheppard Pratt has some Fucked up priorities when it comes to safety.
Sheppard Pratt was once considering opening a halfway house for violent sex offenders several years ago.I was still living in the area,at that time and I was really terrified by that proposal,and so was the entire Towson area. I was upset by it because I know how Sheppard tends to blow off the danger and minimize the threats people with violent case histories cause.

While treating non -violent patients,many of them were just under stress,not violent at all, they were treated like monsters for not doing as they were told or resisting treatment for reasons staff never bothered to even ask them about.Treating non violent people as if they were dangerous is one of the many incomprehensible things I learned about Sheppard Pratt...
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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