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PATRICK Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-04-08 04:50 PM
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81. The brother's interview
on radio was totally incredible. I suppose it was good they let him rant on and reveal he was very satisfied with himself for screwing over his brother and kept repeating the TP word "omnipotent" although he couldn't help sticking it to his OTHER brother as well. Seriously inferior mental abilities I would have to believe is part of his tiff with his siblings in hi-tech science jobs.

The interview on NPR also served to balance the vehement testimonials and incredulity of all his co-workers and neighbors against the smooth but puzzling FBI case being leaked "procedurally" into the media.

All the evidence, the profiles, the investigations cannot possibly be so critically "new". it still looks like a rigged process to break down seemingly unstable employees, starting with better suspects and more plausible personalities. In an election year, one guess, presumably shared by the suspect's associates, is that this turnaround, timed after the embarrassment of losing Hatfill and the settlement, is that this "break"(ironic word) in the case is part of the Bushworld march to victory this fall- added to the glorious surge, modest troop movements, maybe a dip in gas prices and sustaining the stock market on a sea of new paper. I suspect some sort of capture of Bin Laden is only out of the realm of over coincidence according to the measure the press dutifully falls into line.

Cracks are showing here for good reason. The FBI, even before Bush, has screwed with suspects and evidence before. Bush/Cheney have no credibility and the timing stinks.

The only other seemingly sentient beings in the world who would dutifully take the government story at face value are a woeful chunk of the Dem leadership. At least Daschle isn't buying it.

Now as to judgments about this, if it is yet another consistent government fraud, should include the fact the the FBI easily kept its hands off the bio "defense" program thus crippling it into an equally hampered human suspect pressuring routine. Bush and Cheney intruded with their own conspiracies, the very least being the intent to use this or any other incident to justify the Iraq War. They had shots before anyone else in the country. Well prepared and well knowledgeable to exploit easily all disasters, the scumbags. Equally, it is obvious that the FBI can't have it both ways. They are trying to pretend that they had a locked up case but yet kept the "unstable" man free, under extreme pressure. They are quickly trying to reveal their planned progress to the grand jury, etc, their plan to offer him a plea bargain??? and march on to closing the case for some obscure certainty it was just one man. The forensics they offer could have been done YEARS ago, if valid.

After all this it is conceivable that like Osama's chauffeur, this guy is guilty of surprising things, it is just that this government cares not a damn about real credibility and has done too much to ever be trusted without a high bar. A high bar the MSM never raises from their prone lick-spittle pose of trusting naivete.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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